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The Barefoot Cafe

8th Lane (off Galle Road), Colombo 3

Barefoot Cafe is the best place to hang out in Colombo. It's a chilled place to meet or make friends, see art, hear music, eat good food and drink affordable beer.

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I'm sorry Sunil but I have to agree with Sarah on this. Me and my boyfriend frequently visit the place, we always get served after a foreign customer who would come after us; ALWAYS. But, we really don't care because the food is really good and the vibe is quite chilled, especially on Sundays. But, for some people, I guess the thought of being treated second fiddle to a foreigner in their own Country is an issue. So how dare you have the audacity to find fault with her views? If you are such a frequent customer, then obviously you will be treated well, because the waiters probably know you. YAMU always mentions that they are giving only a personal account if their experiences. I have been following them since they started, and my life in Sri Lanka has become much easier because of them. If you don't like the way YAMU reviews places, then just leave and go back to reading newspapers, you artifact.

PS: Don't mix women's empowerment with alleged racism/bad service. That's just being opportunistic and sets a very bad tone for the true meaning on women's empowerment.

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8th Lane (off Galle Road), Colombo 3


Go down the Galle Road, it's just past the Bambalapitiya Junction (so past Majestic City). You can walk through the Barefoot store or go down the adjoining 8th Lane to a decent sized parking lot.


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Between Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1500

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