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The Bombay Brasserie Restaurant

No 14 Leyn Baan, cross street, Galle

The Bombay Brasserie Restaurant is a brand new cafe down Leyn Baan cross street in Galle. They've got some amazing food and their biriyani makes the place worth visiting.

The Bombay Brasserie Restaurant (not to be confused with The Bombay Brasserie of London), is a brand new eatery in Galle. While it may seem like a new restaurant is the last thing Galle needs, BB stands out with their homely service, simple and cute interior along with some excellently prepared dishes. 

The Food 

The menu here is all-Indian. There are a few vegetarian options, and their starters are great. 

This is the Vada Pav- a combination of a single chickpea-coated potato patty with green chili relish sandwiched in-between a home-made soft roll.  Although Rs. 450 seems a bit steep for a single serving, it still makes for a great entree.

The soft roll was fluffy with a light, chewy crust. The potato patty is packed full of flavour and seasoning- you almost don't need the chili relish. Almost. The relish packs a punch with its tangy, aromatic and somewhat overwhelming flavour. We liked it so much, we asked her to leave the dipping pot behind so we culd use it with our mains. 
Going to Galle and having a biriyani might sound a bit un-colonial, but you can't really find an excuse to skip, if the biriyani was this good. Their Chicken Biriyani comes served in a pot, it's a flurry of spice, and aromatics. The chicken was hidden underneath: soft and juicy, coated with gravy that just boosts the rice all the more. 

It's a bit of a heavy lunch to have, but I say go for it. You can share one pot perfectly well amongst two people, but I recommend you get one all to yourself.  Costs Rs. 1200.
They've got an interesting dish on the menu called the Dabba (tiffin box) which clocks in at Rs. 1200 (for the vegetarian option).  You can order rice and curry, and it comes in a classic, breakfast box. It's basically a quirky way of serving rice and curry, because plates are boring I suppose. 

While it came with an adequate amount of rice and curries (did I mention rice and curry?), it sort of underwhelmed in terms of taste- especially after our starter and the biriyani. The compartments contained fried bittergourd curry, dhal, two chapathis, rice and a red chilli relish (I think). 

If you really want to indulge in an authentic dabba experience, this is satisfactory- but please opt for something else if you're vegetarian. They've got enough and more options apart from this. 

Drinks & Dessert 

When's the right time to have a cup of masala chai? All the time. Here, the Masala Chai costs Rs. 200 a glass, and comes with a small side of ginger biscuits. 

It was super flavourful, with notes of cardamom, cinnamon, clove etc seeping through in layers. However, my only qualm with this drink is that they make it with a lot less milk than what I'm used to. A little extra dairy and it'd have been the best. 
For dessert, we got a serving of Gulab Jamun (Rs. 700 ) and Rasgulla (Rs. 700). 

The Rasgulla was chewy with a soft texture, but I wasn't a big fan of the saccharine hit here. Rasgulla is made of cottage cheese (which is usually quite bland) and although it's traditionally cooked and served in sugar-syrup, it's not quite the dessert I recommend if you have an aversion to sweets. But as with certain comestibles, it's an acquired taste. 

The Gulab Jamun was excellent. A deep shade of golden brown, these were soft and chunky, with a lightly tart note from the syrup. It's still extremely sweet, but I suggest you try these over the Rasgulla.

Service & Ambience 

The ambience here is cute, with a pastel furniture scheme and bright yellow walls. They've got fairy lights strung about everywhere, so the ambience increases tenfold by night. A collection of Bollywood movie posters are up on the walls, for added effect. 

The service is top notch. Our server happened to own the property as well, and mentioned that the whole restaurant is a family-run enterprise. Our food took about 15 minutes to arrive, and everything is prepared in-house from scratch.


While their prices are incredibly steep, they're still on par with Galle's atrocious pricing curve. It's not for those travelling on a budget, but if you're here on a holiday with the intention to dine, I suggest dropping by, for some chai and Gulab Jamun.

*Photographs courtesy of @kavindusivaraj.


Try their chicken biriyani and finish off with some masala chai.


No 14 Leyn Baan, cross street, Galle



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Open until 10:00 PM



Price Range

Between Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1500

Dish Types

Vegetarian Biriyani Tea

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