The Burger

396/A1, High level road, Maharagama

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Amazing fast food joint that dishes out some good burgers at an affordable price tag.

When one thinks of burgers, one's mind immediately goes to McD's or Burger King. Then after a rough period of time, your mind will wander towards Slave Island to everyone's beloved Fazly's, if not to the BEST burger joint in CMB - the Street Burger. What one does not think of is Maharagama. But, surprise! Maharagama actually has a couple of places that serve up some not so bad burgers. Which is where The Burger joins in. 

Here's the thing, we've actually visited The Burger once, and it was far from perfect. We hoped to give them some time to see how things went. Thus, we bring you this review. 


Walking up a stairway on the side of a random building on the side of the road, not knowing where you'll end up can seem a bit dodgy. Particularly if you're alone. But, upon climbing said staircase and meeting yet another door with an open sign on a wee shop all covered in dark glasses, can prove to be slightly more unnerving, but, don't worry, all you need to do is to enter to realise that it's an all bark kind of situation. 

Completely covered in chocolate brown, the ambience at the Burger reminded us of a Ritzbury chocolate advertisement. Clean, air-conditioned, with enough seating to seat around 12 people, the ambience at the Burger was quite alright. The fact that the dark glasses completely block off the noise of the traffic and the direct sunlight being a large plus point. 

The Burgers 

The menu at The Burger comprises of a dozen different burgers circling the same format in different proteins. Prawn, Beef, Fish, Chicken and calamari taking the majority on what's what. The spicy Cheesy Lava Beef Burger was huge. Clocking in at Rs. 650, the burger was beefy, eggy, smothered in a heap of veggies and most importantly, utterly, and we mean utterly messy. 

With a soft, moist burger bun which had a light sweetness running through it, a giant lettuce leaf, tomato and lightly caramelised onion taking up half the space, there was not much space left for the meat.

Nonetheless, smothered in between at least an inch worth of veggies, lies a giant beef patty that was so soft that it fell apart at the slightest touch. And you know the best part? It was stuffed with cheese, apart from the slice of cheese on the patty.

Accompanied with a fried egg and lots of spice including some tiny green flecks we can only assume is green chilli, the burger was big enough to keep you full for a week and actually quite good for the price you pay for it. 

I never imagined myself saying this. But, I have to say that at first sight, this reminded me of the Krabby Patty. 

Coming in the same format as the prior, the Garlic Chicken Burger (Rs.520) was an equally big burger with the only difference being the slightly higher proportion of garlic and the change of protein. 

Quite garlicky and quite spicy, this was very similar to the Beef Burger. And no surprise here, it was altogether too much burger for one person to consume in one sitting. 

Apart from the burger side of things, The Burger also happens to have a small list of beverages you could go with. We tried their Dark Cappuccino (Rs. 310) and were left with a cocktail of emotions. For one, this was in no way a cappuccino. Instead, this leant more towards light chocolate milk with hints of coffee. For Rs. 310, it was refreshing, and went well with the burgers.  


In terms of service, the staff proved to be super helpful throughout. From helping us choose what to get to bringing our food within around 20 minutes. Plus, they were really friendly. 


The Burger brings forth a list of mixed emotions for us. But, thankfully, this time, they proved to be quite good compared to last time. It's a great place to completely pig out because not only are the burgers big but they're ideal for getting into a mess. The fact that no one outside can see you pigging out is the ultimate deal. 


Eat it before it gets cold. Things get soggy. Yeet.