The Commons Coffee House

39A Flower Road, Colombo 7

Commons is one of Colombo's most popular hangout spots. They've got a great location on flower road and a relaxed atmosphere. Its expansive menu means your spoilt for choice but quality varies depending on what you choose.

It's been a while since we hopped into The Commons for a review, nearly two-ish years. How much has it changed, d'you think?

Food and Service

Round number one (aka Day One) we went for the Sri Lankan menu. Red beef curry, kunisso baduma, and paperthin leanji rottis and egg rottis. They offer individual rottis, as well as a set of two leanji rotti — aka godamba rotti — with an egg rotti and curry of choice. It was good, nice and hot, but the thing is it took like 20 minutes to come and that's a tad too long to wait for regular rotti — add to the fact that it also cost us about 600 bucks, which is ridic. The displayed price is Rs. 520, but taxes are added on to it.

We got ours with beef curry, and I got to admit that the gravy was really flavoursome, tangy, and spicy. Super nice. It reminded me a lot of the beef curries you get at Muslim family gatherings, the ones which aunties make for rotti or for the sawan. Our gripe was with the bits of beef, which were tiny little pieces, half of which were fat.

The kunisso baduma (Rs. 395) was a generous dish, not too spicy and with plenty of finely chopped onion cooked in. It was more of a sambol than a baduma, but went well with our beef and rottis. Also, shoutout to the onion sambol/ chutney like thing, which added a welcome sweet tang to the whole dish.

We ordered a Coffee Float Amazement (Rs. 310) and a Spiced Latte (Rs. 360) as well. The coffee float was meh, pretty much your regular iced-coffee minus the amazement, but the spiced latte (pictured below) packed in subtle yet noticeable undertones of ginger.

On Day Two, we checked out their Chilli Prawn Pasta (Rs. 750) and the Cilantro Beef Burger (Rs. 560).

The Chilli Prawn Pasta surprised us with how good it was — generous doses of flavoursome prawn mixed in a really creamy pasta, which was also fresh off the stove. The heat of chilli wasn't predominant, but we were given the option to add on more dried chilli pieces because the table had a jar full of it. Quite delicious!

Our beef burger, while a superbly constructed burger, didn't have much of the cilantro or any other herbs mentioned in the brief. The patty was flavoursome though, featuring good quality meat, and fresh, soft bread. It was also very, very filling.

The waitstaff were attentive, and the lady behind the counter as friendly and cheerful as ever. In terms of speed, food arrives abominably slow, so your hunger's abated by that time.


Spacious, with a a private-ish dining area and plenty of outdoor space, Commons is tastefully and well furnished. There's an upbeat, bright, yet relaxed atmosphere, and it's ideal for meeting up with a group of friends.


Their food is good, but rather pricey. We loved the pasta, but PSA if you're checking out the rottis: you can honestly get the same stuff for a fraction of the price at an actual rotti kadey. I've tried their coffees a few times, and it's not spectacular. If you're heading here for the coffee, don't. If you're heading here for food and a cool place to hang out, do.



Order the rotti and order fast as it may take a while. Remember that the VAT and service charge on products can increase the price considerably.


39A Flower Road, Colombo 7


Past Dinemore on Thurstan Rd, turn left on to Flower Rd at the (Royal College) junction. Commons is on Flower Rd, a few meters passed Ladies College on the opposite side.


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