The Dodol House

317/1, Gemunu Mawatha, Kiribathgoda

Dodol is a difficult dessert to find easily in Colombo shops - so we were ecstatic to find one that not only makes some but delivers dodol to your home.

The Dodol House is one of two places that we know of that delivers kalu dodol to your doorstep. We wouldn't say theirs is the most classic rendition of the much beloved sweetmeat, but it's definitely tasty with a brilliantly gooey texture.

The Dodol

It's not something you hear everyday, but we've been on a bit of a dodol binge lately. We discovered Dodol House around a year ago and we instantly fell in love with their stuff. Earlier this year we discovered Mune's Kalu Dodol, which also does a pretty legit job. Pricewise you're looking at a very small difference between the two, with Dodol House charging Rs. 1200 per kilo of dodol, which includes delivery.

DH's dodol is very rich with a crustlike outer layer and a glistening, gooey center. In a general sense, the darker the kalu dodol, the better it is (since that usually means it has high quality jaggery), and this is right up there in terms of color. The sweetness of the kithul jaggery is also very distinct with the richness and creaminess coming from the coconut milk.

The texture of a kalu dodol is just as important as its flavour and that's the biggest difference between our dodol contenders. Dodol House's stuff has gooey texture, somewhat like a thick muscat. Coupled with the crust, this makes for a beautiful contrast of textures. If you're not into the gooeyness (why wouldn't you be?), you can go for Mune's dodol which is also great with seemingly more coconut milk in it, and a more solid composition.

We did, however, notice the fact that the piece we got this time around had less cashews in it, which was slightly disappointing.


The Dodol House is still rocking their brilliant Comic-Sans-on-Paint cover photo on Facebook, which is where you can place your order, either by sending them a message or calling them up on 077 117 5521. We'd suggest calling them at least three days in advance since they do need prior notice.


Finding high quality dodol in Colombo is not an easy task, so we're really glad The Dodol House is still at it. Their dark, gooey dodol ticks the right boxes both in terms of flavour and texture which is a rare find anywhere in the country. Being able to get it delivered just makes it that much better.


Call 24 hours in advance.


317/1, Gemunu Mawatha, Kiribathgoda



Open 9.00AM to 9.00PM


Sri Lankan

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Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1000

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