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The Embazzy

No. 76/1, Flower Road, Colombo 7.

  • Open until 12:00 AM

A cozy bistro serving excellent coffee and multi-cuisine comfort food.




Super location. Beautiful and cozy ground floor. There is gaming upstairs and its basically a place for kids. There is no alcohol and you aren't allowed to bring your own alcohol. There is no Pork either. The Embazzy adds one more pork-less restaurant to Flower road which already had the Commons, Cricket Club and Mainland China which had already kicked out pork. Therefore the Embazzzy's hyped up Egg benedict comes with fake bacon. But the little thing with grilled chicken spam costs around 1,300/-
You have to queue up at the cashier to order your food. That's OK for kids but that's quite embarrassing and very inconvenient if you take guests there.

They have some interesting smoothies, mocktails and fruit drinks around 500/- each. Food such as burgers, fish and chips, Nasi Goreng etc priced around 1,000/- upwards. Coffee is around 400/- a cup. The food is served hot and is generally palatable but the Burgers are overpoweringly spiced with herbs and the patties appear to be boiled rather than grilled and the bun is limp betraying its lack of freshness. The Nasi Gorengs and the fish and chips are certainly not worth coming back for.
The eclairs at the counter come with almond flakes but they are dry - meaning not fresh. Waffles come with all the addons charged for separately. The coffees are good and goes well with the reasonably priced Choretos which aren’t on the menu.

The prices on the menu are absolutely honest. What you pay is what you see on the menu. No taxes or service charges are added on later. There isn’t much service to speak of anyway. The Stewards basically find your table and drop the food. Hard to draw their attention and paper serviettes etc. aren’t freely available and difficult to get. The crockery is creative and modern but uncoordinated just like the hodgepodge décor that is at odds with the old style building.

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No. 76/1, Flower Road, Colombo 7.


A few feet away from Ladies' College on Flower Road.


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Open until 12:00 AM



Price Range

More than Rs.1500

Dish Types

Kottu Burgers Sandwiches Waffles Coffee

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