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The Fat Crab

53 Haig Road, Colombo 4

  • Call 727777755
  • Open 5-7 PM (wine and beer), 7 -10:30 PM (dining), Weekends also open for lunch (12:30 PM to 3 PM)

The Fat Crab on Marine Drive is well known for their seafood.





Disappointing!!! waste of money! Not to be repeated
After reading excellent reviews, we were promptly outside at 6pm. Restaurant opens at 6:10pm.
We were seated at a table and then asked to get up from there as it was reserved! Not a problem as food was supposed to be the best in Colombo.
Location: Sea-view (if pre-booked). railway track with train passing every 30-40 minutes( for us it was twice). Electricity went off thrice in our 1.5 hr stay.
Food: manager introduced himself and we were impressed. I wanted to order 1 extra large crab from fresh ( for both of us to share) but as my wife wanted individual ones we took advice of the manager and ordered 2 large. I queried whether these would be fresh or from frozen. He explained one can hardly notice the difference between fresh and frozen ones. On his advice, we ordered 1 Sri Lankan curry and 1 spicy Negombo sauce devilian crab.
Dishes came in 30min. Crab size appeared small with not much meat. Meat was stuck to the bones and would not come out! Pick was not given until I asked for it. Negombo was very tasty (well, the mixture was great, but hardly any meat) but Sri Lankan curry was horrible with loads of gravy probably 200times more than what is as required- not tasty at all.
We observed most diners were ordering fresh extra large crabs and as we were struggling to get meat out we asked one of the waiters as to why we had been dissuaded to order the fresh one. He replied these were 1kg = 9000 Sri Lankan rupees. But we never suggested that we would be unhappy with the price. He referred us to the manager. Manager came who was very dismissive and tried explaining that these crabs which we had ordered were 500g each and was not sure why we were complaining of meat stuck to the bones.
Anyway we finished food with rice gravy dal and bits of crab meat.
Just as we were leaving, my wife noticed trays of crabs (other diners’ orders) coming out of the kitchen. These were ‘large’ looking and she asked one of the waiters what size were they? He confirmed they were large. So surely ours were medium. However, we were then reminded that ours were not fresh. Fresh or frozen, surely 500g should look similar!
Moral of the story: please do your homework before you to such places and don’t waste 7950 rupees on rice, bread and gravy. Better try another place !!

19th April meal at 7pm.
We have had crab yesterday at Taj - Shack restaurant- heavenly



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53 Haig Road, Colombo 4


Heading from Kollupitiya, go south on Marine Drive. You'll pass the Bamba rail station and Majestic City (Station Road). It's the fourth street after that.


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Open 5-7 PM (wine and beer), 7 -10:30 PM (dining), Weekends also open for lunch (12:30 PM to 3 PM)


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Seafood Crab

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