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The Food Life

77, Braybrooke Pl, Colombo 02

A home-chef that does good rice and curry and keto meals.

The Food Life is a home-chef based in Union Place, who's focused on whipping up some good keto meals and rice & curry packets. They have a special menu every day, which includes them both and cooked with a dose of homely love. 

How To Order

As of now, they are available on Uber Eats but do direct deliveries too. Given that our delivery location was far from their delivery range on Uber Eats, we opted for the latter. The delivery fee for our order was Rs. 150 (Braybrooke Place to Nugegoda).


On the day we tried them out, they had rice & curry, a keto meal and a fusion salad. We ordered the first two. 

The Fish Rice & Curry (Rs. 360) had a mound of fluffy white rice accompanied with mango curry, brinjal salsa, curried okra, tempered cabbage, dhal, two sizable pieces of thalapath fish, papadum and fried chillies. From what we gathered, they do a budget version of this for Rs. 300.

This meal is all about the balance of flavours. Packed with spices and cooked to perfection, the fish curry was well executed, and the dhal curry toned it down a little bit, while the mango curry lent a little tag. The curried okra was a creamy delight, the tempered cabbage added a hint of sweetness, while the brinjal salsa paired with onions and tomato made for a fresh crunch. 

This is the Keto meal - Broccoli Slaw with Chilli Chicken (Rs. 750). A bit pricey one, but nonetheless, it tasted amazing - especially the chicken.

Featuring a good serving of chilli chicken cubes, broccoli slaw, grated swiss cheese, chicken ham crumbs, a boiled egg, fried mushroom, a couple of cherry tomatoes and a side of chilli aioli, it was a healthy and filling meal. The chicken was well cooked, very soft in texture, and had a few bits of cashew nuts in the mix. Wrapped in a chockfull of spices, this one gave off a bit of heat to the meal and we absolutely loved it. 

The broccoli slaw added a good crunch and was made with fresh broccoli, purple cabbage, green cabbage, bell pepper, cucumber, carrot, green apple, and cauliflower. 


It's not every day that we come across a place that crafts up keto meals, and The Food Life does a very good job at that. Sure, it's a bit expensive option as a regular lunch-spot, but the quality and flavour of food are quite satisfying. 


77, Braybrooke Pl, Colombo 02


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