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The Gourmet Station (Kingsbury Serviced Apartments)

No 1, Bagatalle Road, Colombo 3, Sri Lanka - Galle Main Road, Colombo 03

The Gourmet Station at the Kingsbury Serviced Apartments is a two-by-four snack bar that serves sweet and savoury nibbles for those who want to grab a bite before they go.

The Gourmet Station is a little snack bar that's a part of the Kingsbury Serviced Apartments, amidst boutiques like Nike, Mango and The Body Shop. They're the posh type of bakery with cakes and such that you can grab on the go.

Food & Drinks 

They've got a range of sweets and savouries from carrot cake to prawn wraps. We got ourselves a Mutton Roll (Rs. 110), a chicken Spring Roll (Rs. 110), a hefty slice of Red Velvet Cake (Rs. 310) and a slice of Chocolate Chip Cake (Rs. 310).

The Mutton Roll is hands down the best you can find anywhere here in CMB. It's a ridiculously large roll and at Rs. 110  it left us confused as to how they could actually sell something so delicious at such a low price.
The roll itself is batter fried in what appeared to be bread crumbs which doubled its crispy factor as opposed to the generic biscuit crumbs that 90% of establishments use.
As for the filling, it's positively stuffed to the brim with robust chunks of excellently prepared mutton. The mutton is so fresh you'd have to check twice to see it isn't breathing.

The Chicken Spring Roll however, turned out to deliver the complete opposite of what the Mutton Roll did. It's soaked through with so much oil that there's a steady drip of oil once you pick it up. It also left a massive oil slick on the plate. I tried to take a proper picture but it was so heavy due to how much oil it had soaked up, it looks like a sad mess. However, in terms of pricing I'd say this is a fairly large roll and you can't really expect anything better when it costs Rs.110.

The Red Velvet Cake (Rs. 310) didn't really deliver any pizzazz in terms of taste, nor looks. Okay, I'll admit it does look appetising given its fiery pink hue and layers of icing but traditional red velvet isn't really this colour. As for the taste, it came off bland and rather crumbly. The icing didn't have a hint of cream cheese but was very sweet so if you're looking for a red velvet knock-off this is your choice.

The obvious winner here has to be the Chocolate Chip Cake at Rs. 310. The cake was so dense and heavy that it proved to be a herculean task for the both of us to actually finish it. We couldn't. Buried here and there amidst the rich sponge cake were copious amounts of chocolate chips and if that isn't enough, the cake comes covered in a thick layer of chocolate ganache.
In addition to all the chocolatey insanity, the cake is topped off with three little bars of what tasted like pani-kadju coated in chocolate, and also a strawberry because why on earth not. I definitely recommend you try this if you're looking for a chocolate high.

Our beverages consisted of a glass of Iced coffee (Rs. 300) and a Cappuccino (Rs. 700).
While in no means did they bedazzle us in terms of flavour or appearance, they did the job of helping us wash down what we had.
The Iced Coffee comes in a humble glass and had a 1:3 ratio of coffee to condensed milk. That isn't to say the drink itself is unpleasant, it was just overly sweet for my taste. 
The Cappuccino couldn't possibly pass off as a professionally brewed cuppa because of its flat aftertaste. It's also way too expensive if you're looking at quality. It's also evident that the coffee used here isn't really gold-star grade.

Service & Ambience

The gentlemen manning the counter are very friendly in terms of service but they also appear very distracted by their duties. You could ask them for a slice of cake about five times in total and they'll still give you a blank stare and promptly walk away to finish whatever task feels most important at the moment. We also had a bit of a slip-up when it came to handling the bill as we were given a shorter balance than what we were owed.

The reason for all the ghastly photos in this piece is the ambience. The colour palette here in this bakery consists of a lot of very harsh reds and yellows with heavy, yellow lighting that isn't very easy on the eyes. The colours are loud, the space is heavily enclosed, there's a lot of sunlight pouring in through the windows that make it look like someone just went haywire on the contrast settings. 


Don't expect your Instagram feed to be #lit unless you're a whiz at Photoshop. But DO pop in if you're on a budget because their pricing is a perfect excuse for us plebians. A hefty mutton roll for Rs. 110? Why yes, yes of course.

*Note: all prices in this review have been amended to include VAT, NBT etc.


Try their mutton rolls.


No 1, Bagatalle Road, Colombo 3, Sri Lanka - Galle Main Road, Colombo 03


It's a part of the shopping boulevard amidst the Nike/Body Shop boutiques.



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Price Range

Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1000

Dish Types

Sweets Vegetarian Cookies Cakes Cupcakes Doughnuts Coffee Iced Coffee Tea Bites

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