The Grill By Doctor's Kitchen

16 Flower Rd, Colombo 07

Arguably the best grill in CMB.

The Grill By Doctor's Kitchen is arguably the best grill we've come across in Colombo. 
Why, you ask?
They have pretty much every quality that any good grill should have, that's why. Bear with us as we take you through our dining experience. 

BBQ & Drinks

The Grill By Doctor's Kitchen offers up a massive range of grilled goodies. From chicken, beef, pork and lamb to sausages, prawns, seer and cuttlefish, they cover all the bases.  

We started off with the Lamb Chop (Rs. 1740 for 225g), which arrived with a side of mashed potato, and two dipping sauces - kochchi and mayo herb. 

It was the mark of perfection, really. A slightly tough exterior, followed by a juicy middle, this chunky slab of meat was so brilliantly marinated. The flavour of the spices and herbs pulled through beautifully, along with the taste of the meat. 

They use high-quality cuts of fresh meat, so you won't have to make a fuss about boney, gristly bits. Plus, it makes the flavours quite strong.

And look at this pink hue! Isn't it gorgeous? 

The mashed potato was a winner. Buttery, creamy and cheesy, this one had the proper texture and a touch of herbs and spices. 

Next up, we have the Ribs Platter (Rs. 3250) and the Pork Chops (Rs. 950, comes with two chops). 

For the Ribs Platter, you get a medium rack, two chicken legs, two kochchi sausages, a potato salad, and the dipping sauces. 

Slathered so generously with rich, smoky, sweet BBQ sauce, the pork ribs were a fat, sticky mess, and I mean that in the best possible way. What we mostly love about these ribs is how hearty and tender they're, and how the meat slides off the bone. It takes very little effort - a sign of the right grilling. 

There was a lovely crisp on the chicken and a bold smoky note, all thanks to taking time to smoke the meat before grilling. The inner layers of the chicken were absolutely moist but slightly lacked the flavours of the marination.

This is one of the best pork chops we've had in a while. Fantastically caramelised, and glazed to high heaven with BBQ sauce, its sticky-sweet appearance is quite appealing. There were only a little to no fat in it, and the meat was a tad firm from the outside, but absolutely soft on the in and easily cut through. 

These barbecued meats by Doctor's Kitchen lean towards the sweet side, but they've got an interesting array of dipping sauces to adjust them to your preference, in case if you find them too sweet. 

The kochchi sauce we had was packed with nai miris heat, while the herb mayo sauce offered a dose of salty, umami notes. So make sure to inquire them about the other sauces, to add an extra depth to the taste. 

You can simply request them to go easy on the BBQ sauce too. 

While The Grill By Doctor's Kitchen is BYOB (no corkage fee if the bill is Rs. 2500 or above), they do serve a selection of non-alcoholic beverages by collaborating with Choco Luv. Priced at Rs. 690, this King Coconut & Passion Fruit Mojito was refreshing! It's the best thirst quencher you can ask for on a warm evening. 

Ambience & Service

Located down Flower Road in Colombo 07, lies right next to House of Wines. The dark-coloured walls decorated with simple, yet vivacious form of graffiti art, it has this unexpected dose of excitement. 
The staff was quite welcoming and fast with their service. It took about 20 - 30 minutes for the food to arrive, as they make it freshly to order. Until then, we munched on the packet of peanuts they provided. 


With a menu that includes pretty much every meat/seafood in the book smoked and grilled to perfection, a number of classic side dishes to accompany them, a diversified collection of dipping sauces, and BYOB, The Grill By Doctor's Kitchen ticks all the correct boxes. Plus, they're pet friendly, have outdoor dining with shisha, live music (every Saturday), and let you catch up on various sports encounters on the live screen.