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Cafe Hideout

24, Fife Road, Colombo 05

Cafe Hideout is the new cafe that has taken up residence at the previous Hansa Coffee (later, The Blue Swan) premises.

Fife road has been, and still is, home to some of the cosiest coffee spots we know. Taking the place of where The Blue Swan once stood, Cafe Hideout is one of those cosy places that you can sit down, relax and dive into a cup of excellently brewed coffee, and get some work done. 

On a slow Tuesday, my colleague and I came ready to get fuelled up with some delicious dose of caffeine while doing a simple First Look on the place.

Food & Drinks 

Though newly opened, Cafe Hideout isn’t really a newbie to the coffee scene. Looking through their menu, we’re quite pleased to see that it’s not a copy-pasted version of The Blue Swan’s, and in fact, they added some really creative drinks on top of the classic offerings which makes their spread quite unique. 

You get hot or cold coffee drinks, a few other beverages, cakes, burgers and toasties. After a bit of deliberation, we opted for two sandwiches and two drinks.

Of course, we had to order the classic cup of Cappuccino (Rs. 350). When it arrived at our table, despite the number of times we’ve seen it, we just had to admire the coffee art. The foamy layer was hiding the delightfully creamy and luscious milk, which gave off a smooth, non-burnt flavour combined with a fluffy texture.

Followed by the not too strong coffee notes that are far from being annoyingly bitter, this cup hits just the right spot - all thanks to the top quality Hansa coffee beans that they use. Overall, it’s your classic cappuccino done right and we’ve got zero complaints.

Coke & Espresso (Rs. 400) was the funky item that we wanted to try. The tall glass of coke came topped with a thick foamy layer which disappeared after a while. Rich notes of espresso seeping through, while the sweetness of Coke balancing out the flavours, it was absolutely lovely. Even a non-coffee person can enjoy this without any problems. 

It’s not a complicated combination - we know, but somehow, we found this fizzy, caffeine-packed, icy goodness quite interesting and enjoyable.

The first thing we noticed with the Roast Chicken Sandwich (Rs. 450) was its smokey aroma, drawn by the roast chicken. Three layers of toasted bread, just enough to give a nice crisp to its outside, this one was packed with bits roast chicken. Lots and lots of them. The bits of green chillies here and there added a bit of heat while the bread itself had hints of butter in it. 

As they were out of the Beef burger, we opted for the Tuna Sandwich (Rs. 450) instead. This too was three-layered in bread with a generous amount of filling made with tuna. They hadn’t been stingy with the tuna here at all.

It was just right when it comes to the fishy flavour and the added onions provided some crunch while making things absolutely delicious - while the cheese added more depth to the flavour.

Service & Ambience

Our food came in time, and the waiting staff was prompt and knew the items on the menu well. They described and made sure that we know what's missing and such and what’s available outside of the menu. 

They pretty much retained The Blue Swan’s setup after they have transferred to a new location. My colleague who happens to be a fan of The Blue Swan pointed out that the couch we sat on has been there since the old days so basically, nothing much has changed. Still, it was calm and cosy and without any distractions.


We are happy that Cafe Hideout is carrying the torch of being a good coffee place, while serving up delicious food. We enjoyed our meal and we hope to revisit to explore their menu more in our full review. Stay tuned! 


24, Fife Road, Colombo 05



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Between Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1500

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Cakes Sandwiches Coffee

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