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Cafe Hideout

24, Fife Road, Colombo 05

Cafe Hideout is the new cafe that has taken up residence at the previous Hansa Coffee (later, The Blue Swan) premises.

Replacing the previous space of Hansa Coffee (now The Blue Swan), Cafe Hideout adds a twist to the usual cafe experience in the city. It's a place in Colombo that you cannot put the "yet-another-cafe" label on. From food and drinks to ambience and vibe, everything has a simple, yet unique zing of their own, and we've enjoyed it since our very first time here. 


Cafe Hideout's drinks menu features an impressive collection of coffee (hot/cold), and quirky, yet a very interesting range of coffee-based mixtures like Thambili Coffee, Espresso Coke, and Espresso Beer etc. All of them are brewed with Hansa coffee, and on the non-coffee section, they have juices and milkshakes. 

Here's my cup of Cappuccino with Ice Cream (Rs. 350). Slightly frothy, strong, and not burnt, while the milk content is spot on, it's one of the best in that kind. The dollop of vanilla ice cream floating about didn't interfere with the acidic notes of espresso but added a delightful swirl of sweetness to the drink. This is something even non-coffee people can enjoy. My sister had the Espresso Coke (Rs. 400), which is essentially a Coca Cola mixed with a shot of espresso. The sweetness of the Coca Cola is what seizes your attention first, and then comes the espresso, to ease that in. It's a fizzy coffee drink - refreshing as hell too. 


Cafe Hideout does breakfast all day, and a good selection of paninis, burgers and a few sides. Almost all of them are priced under Rs. 500, which makes this place an ideal cafe option if you don't have cash falling out from your pockets. 

Chunks of beautifully roasted chicken stuffed in a soft bun, the Roast Chicken Burger (Rs. 450) was a juicy, smoky, meaty treat! Blushing with golden brown colour, the chicken pieces were succulent, had a lovely firm texture on the outside, along with a few charred bits which made for the extra flavour. 

The slice of cheese did a good job sharpening up the overall taste. You can get this with a bit of kochchi if you like.

This is one of the simplest, affordable, yet delicious burgers we've had to date, which is why we're highly recommending it. 
This French Toast (Rs. 480) comes from their all-day breakfast range. Thanks to having soaked up all the egg and milk, the bread here was fluffy and tender with perfectly crispy edges. 

With a drizzle of honey poured on top, this was sweet, but not annoyingly so, while the slices of banana adding a fruity note. 
The Open Cheese and Tomato Sandwich (Rs. 480) featured a slathering of mozzarella and was topped off with bits of green chillis, onions and ketchup on lightly toasted bread. With green chillis adding that much-needed heat to balance out the milky flavours of the cheese, it's nothing innovative but tasted quite good. 

Ambience & Service

Unlike most cafes in Colombo, the interior at Cafe Hideout is not fancy, and simple as it can get. If you've been to The Blue Swan before, this setup should not be strange to you, as it's more or less similar to what we observed at Cafe Hideout. 

It's a cosy, little room with wooden furniture scattered about, and spacious enough to fit about 10 - 12 customers at a time. You can always spot their regulars hanging around, sipping coffee, munching on snacks with their laptops on, getting some work done. It has this very homely, calm, peaceful vibe, which is not something that you'd get in some fancy cafes in town. 

In terms of service, we didn't run into any problems. The staff was all smiles and we got our food and drinks within around 15 minutes. It's like you're eating at your own home, except you're paying for it. 


Keeping things simple is what Cafe Hideout does, and that's a part of their charm. They're trying new things every once in a while, so they can make the customer experience even better. Plus, if you're looking for a place to host your next event (an open mic perhaps?), this is another spot that you can consider. 


24, Fife Road, Colombo 05



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