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The High Que

20A, Guildford Crescent (Premasiri Khemadasa Mawatha), Colombo 07

CLOSED NOW. The High Que is a really pleasant coffee shop cum restaurant next to the Lionel Wendt. They use Italian ingredients, and they make a tasty burger and a range of steaks.

The High Que is a new coffee shop and restaurant in Cinnamon Gardens, next to the Wendt. They've got a very cosy interior, offer a range of steaks, and they make a great macchiato. 

Service & Ambience

Where ambience is concerned lately, tea lounges seem to be doing a better job than coffee shops (Ceylon Tea Moments, Dilmah,  Tea Triumph). But The High Que seems to be one of the few who've managed to get it right. Besides the line of dinner tables inside, there's this lovely sofa corner at the end with sunlight trickling through concrete grates above. 

There's also a happy outdoor space, featuring light colours and a coffee bar. Since we were there during lunch time - there was barely anybody there, so the waiter gave us all his attention.

The Food

The menu is basically burgers, pastas and meats, with special sections for steaks and for vegetarians. Stuff is for around Rs. 700 - 900, which isn't too bad. 

We tried the High Que burger and it's pretty good, with a good side of thick potato wedges. At Rs. 590, it's not fancy, with just a simple Happy Cow cheese slice, but the patty was done well and made it work. 

We also gave the Spaghetti Napolitan a shot. It's a filling portion for Rs. 675 and features the simple combo of spaghetti and fresh tomato puree, it tasted good, though not one of the memorable dishes here. Try to get a side of meat with this if you want your spaghetti to be more flavoursome. 

Our sauteed beaf steak was my personal favourite. We ordered it well-done, so the meat came even cooked and slathered in a lovely creamy, mildly spiced sauce - though not the best steak ever, it made a good, satisfying meal. The rice that came with it was a little dry, but still tasted great with the steak. You can get a beef steak here for about Rs. 900, while a lamb chop will cost you double that.

Coffee shops always put too little or too much sugar in my coffee, so I was glad these guys did my hazelnut macchiato just right (Rs. 450). It comes in layers, and is a quality treat for those of you who like your coffee milkier than strong. We were told they use ingredients shipped from Italy for their coffee range.


The High Que is a good coffee shop, and a very pleasant hangout if you're in the mood for a late night meal. The service is good, and so are the prices, by Colombo coffee shop standards - about 1K per head, coffee and meal included.  


Get a macchiato, you won't regret it.


20A, Guildford Crescent (Premasiri Khemadasa Mawatha), Colombo 07


It's on the right side of Lionel Wendt theatre, which is at the beginning of Premasiri Khemadasa Mawatha from the Racecourse side.



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This place has closed down


Italian American

Price Range

Between Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1500

Dish Types

Beef Steak Fish And Chips Burgers Coffee

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