The Kings (The Kingsbury)

48, Janadhipathi Mawatha, Colombo 01

The Kings is the lobby bar of The Kingsbury hotel.

The Kings is The Kingsbury's very own lobby bar. If you work around the area, and in need of a place to ease your workday blues, with some light snacks and ice cubes jingling in a glass, this place should be right up your alley. 

Food & Drinks

First of all, we'd like to apologise for the horrifying pictures. The restaurant itself is quite dark, with a few dimmed lights and we've been keeping our photography and usage of the DSLR to a minimum, to avoid any issues that might come our way (we've had a few of them) due to the prevailing situation in the country. 

The menu here includes a wide variety - from pizza, sandwiches, grilled goodies to cocktails, coffee and mocktails. Unfortunately, they didn't serve any alcohol on the day we visited, as it was the day before Vesak. Therefore, we opted for the non-alcoholic side of things - a Hot Chocolate (Rs. 460) and a Tamarind Cooler (Rs. 600). 

At a glance, this cup of hot chocolate looked pretty ordinary to us, but holy moly if it wasn't delicious! Creamy, milky and boasting rich notes of dark chocolate, it's just what you need to warm up and comfort yourself during gloomy days. Because,

and Jessica is absolutely right! 

Featured below is the Tamarind Cooler.

This is pure sour bliss of tamarind, squeezed into a glass. With actual bits of tamarind swimming about, which helped to double the sour factor of the drink, it had a slightly grainy texture - kinda similar to what you'd find in diwul kiri. Refreshing as hell, this works very nicely as a palate cleanser too. 

The Kings's pizzas are of thin crust, and they come in two sizes - small and large. What you see above is their Meaty Hot & Spicy pizza. At Rs. 780, the small-sized pizza hadn't skimped on the toppings and was quite filling.

Providing a satisfying crunch, the crust here was wonderful. A generous slathering of mildly spicy pizza sauce, followed by a layer of mozzarella, its flavours mingled around the smoked turkey, chicken garlic sausages, pepperoni, tomato and jalapeño peppers, while staying true to its name - meaty, hot and spicy. 

With a lamb chop, two chicken fillets, two beef fillets, and the sides of mashed potato and steamed veggies, the Meat Grill (Rs. 2600) was interesting. All the meats were well-executed with just the right touch from the grill, while producing a deliciously smokey, mesquite type of flavour. Beautifully glazed with a slightly tangy sauce, which enhanced the flavour instead of shielding it, they were a little tough from the outside, while the inside is all juicy, succulent and easily cut through. 

Service & Ambience

Like I said in the beginning, it's quite dark out here with a few dimmed lights - setting up the mood for a quiet meal, drink, or even a casual date. Packed with a bunch of cosy sofas and chairs, it would treat you to a comfy, and relaxed evening.

Friendly and helpful, the staff at The Kings were delightful. The food took around a good 30 minutes to arrive, which was the only downer of our experience. But yet, we didn't mind that as we enjoyed our time here.   


All in all, we enjoyed our experience at The Kings. We look forward to our next time here, so we can have a sip or two from their range of cocktails.