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The Lava Factory

Delivery only

A home baker specialised in lava cakes.

The Lava Factory, as the name implies, does lava cake with interesting twists on them. Their stuff is available on PickMe Food from 2.30 PM to 6.00 PM, but they also do direct deliveries to locations in Colombo and suburbs. We opted for the latter, and the delivery fee was Rs. 190 to Nugegoda.

The Lava Cakes

They have a bundle offer where you can get four kinds of lava cakes of your choice for just Rs. 1520. We opted for the Nutella Bomb, Coffee & Chocolate, Nutty & Fudgy and White Chocolate. 

Pouring out with Nutella, the Nutella Bomb was good. The base was soft and moist, could have been a tad cakier too, but in terms of flavour, it was absolutely rich with chocolate.
This was our favourite out of the lot - Coffee & Chocolate. Staying true to its name, it had coffee and chocolate at the right balance, with a glorious molten centre that oozes out with every bite.

Sorry about the mess, some of us were a little too excited. What makes this Nutty & Fudgy interesting is the chopped up cashews they had scattered about. They were a delight to munch on.

The White Chocolate Lava Cake is more of an acquired taste. If you like White Chocolate, this would be right up your alley, but if it's not, we suggest getting something else. Sweet and milky with a dusting of sugar on top, it also had a perfectly gooey centre.


This bundle offer by The Lava Factory is value for money. Their ordering process is quite hassle-free too - all you have to do is DMing them on Instagram, and they're very responsive to messages.

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