The Living Room By TPV

50A Lighthouse Street, Galle Fort, Galle

The Living Room is a cool place to have a drink in the Galle Fort.

The Living Room is a charming and slightly insane bar in the Galle Fort. It's decorated within an inch of its life and it's definitely an interesting place to have a drink. It's also not super expensive at Rs. 850 per cocktail.

The Location

The Living Room's partner location is an interior decor store (Three By TPV), so it's not surprising that the relatively small space is well decorated.

They've got the classics, like temple statues.

Also fruit. 

Anyways, the place is structured like a long hall with a bar at the end. The bar seats about 10 people max and it was full when we went, so we sat in what is, I suppose, the living room of the Living Room. The seating is comfortable and there's plenty of stuff to look at.

The overall location in the Galle Fort is wonderful, except the fort is a heritage site and everything shuts down at 11 PM.

The Drinks

The cocktails mostly cost Rs. 850. They're pretty creative and nice. Above is the Green Russian which we actually wouldn't recommend, unless you really like Creme De Menthe. It is what it is and some people might like it.

We also tried a chocolatey drink (forget the name) which was creamy and quite nice.

In terms of food they have simple bites. We paid Rs. 200 for some casava chips which were aight.


The place is tiny and you basically are in their living room. The staff is quite hospitable. We came like 15 minutes before closing time but they still served us and didn't rush us out when we stayed a bit late.


The Living Room by TPV is a quirky location and a fun place to have drinks. Just get there well before 11, when the whole Fort shuts down.


Galle Fort bars close early, so go early (before 11)


50A Lighthouse Street, Galle Fort, Galle


Lighthouse Street is the main street cutting through the Galle Fort. It's one way to cars but you can just walk down it. The Living Room is just before Pedlar Street. If you're coming from the Dutch Hospital, head down Pedlar and turn up at the Barista.


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Price Range

Between Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1500

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Alcoholic Beer Wine Cocktails

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