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The Mel's Tea Cafe

98/1 Cotta Road, Colombo 8

The Mel's Tea Cafe is a tea cafe located in Colombo 8 that offers a selection of tea drinks, salads and snacks.

Mel's Tea Cafe is a tea cafe located in Colombo 8 that offers a selection of tea drinks, salads and snacks.

Tea Bars are becoming a thing and Colombo has quite a few of them now - Tea Breeze, Rama's Tea House, Dilmah t Lounge, Tea Avenue, Ceylon Tea Moments to name a few. Add Mel's Tea Cafe to the growing list. This cafe serves a variety of tea based drinks - tea shakes, iced teas, tea smoothies and more - in a pretty garden on Cotta Road, which is nice for evening sipping.

The Drinks

We tried the Cinnamon Tea Shake (Rs. 220) and Mel's Signature Tea (Rs. 350). Both teas were very light and delicate. The Cinnamon Tea Shake consisted of black tea with vanilla ice cream and cinnamon. It was light, gently spiced with cinnamon and wasn't too sweet - a bonus for us but could be a disappointment if you like your sugar. It was a tad watery and wasn't heavy on the ice cream - it doesn't feel like dessert in a glass. Which could be a good thing, depending on what you're in the mood for.


Mel's Signature Tea, expensive at Rs. 350, was nice and again very light and delicate. It's a white tea, which apparently comes in silver rings. The result on your cup is definitely not strong tea, it's almost clear at times.

The Food

On the savoury front, Mel's mainly offers a range of salads and sandwiches and the food seems quite healthy. You can also get pancakes and waffles with either savoury or sweet toppings.


We tried the potato salad (Rs. 300) and pancakes with chocolate sauce (Rs. 125). The potato salad was nice enough, but unexceptional. It was accompanied by eggs, gherkins and olives. The pancakes were crepes smothered with nutella, so you can't really go wrong. Both meals were nice, but nothing wow-worthy.

The Place


Mel's occupies a very large space. The building is a house and apparently they have a tea academy upstairs. The garden is big and there are tables with umbrellas to shade you from the scorching sun.


Mel's is a nice place. The staff are pleasant, and the teas are nice. It's a family run restaurant, so the service is good and you can tell that they care. Overall it's quite affordable and makes a nice change from overpriced coffee shops.


The tea is quite affordable.


98/1 Cotta Road, Colombo 8


To get to Cotta Road, turn towards Rajagiriya at the Borella Junction (where Ward Place ends). Keep going past the Punchi Theatre and do a U-Turn just before Balcombe Place. As you double back. Mel's is on your left.


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Between Rs. 200 - Rs. 500

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