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The Pasta Factory

Layn Baan Cross Streat, Galle Fort, Galle

Probably the best place to get pasta inside Galle Fort.

The Pasta Factory in Galle Fort is one place that not many people know about. Why? because there's a myriad of other restaurants of the same genre in Fort so we tend to kind of miss it. It's unfortunate, really, because we loved it.

The Place

If you've never been inside Galle Fort, you should probably know that almost every restaurant/ hotel or house inside the fort is very much more aesthetically pleasing than most places in Colombo. That being said, we really liked the ambience at The Pasta Factory. Colourful lampshades, portraits of pasta in various forms, wooden furniture, and various other paraphernalia just littered around the room, there's a lot going on so you will not get bored if whoever you're eating with is as dull as a doorknob.

The Food 

The Pasta Factory has a whole range of Italian food you can eat. From pasta to pizza to smoothies to dessert, their menu makes choosing something to eat very very difficult. However, after much speculation and much much discussion, we finally agreed to get the Spaghetti Carbonara and the Lasagna Tradizion. 

Presenting, complimentary Bread and Olive Oil. The bread was warm and chewy, and it was the perfect start to whatever is to come. 

Featured here is the Lasagna Tradizion (Rs. 1 350). Okay, this was beautiful. The portion size was giant (as you can probably tell), it wasn't particularly a cheese monster but if you're into a dense concoction of tomato puree, herbs and minced chicken, this just might be your saving grace. 

This is the Spaghetti Carbonara (Rs. 1, 350). While it looks kind of mediocre, this was the best thing that happened to me in 2019 and 18 combined. Creamy with excessive amounts of bacon bits, this was and will always be the best form of cholesterol in the market. Honestly, if you eat pork and you want spaghetti, go for it. At least then you'd understand why we're obsessing over this so much. 


Here we have the Iced Tea (Rs. 500 for large) and the Mint and Lime (Rs. 550 for regular). The Iced Tea was nothing special tbh. While it was very, very refreshing and was a literal savour in disguise to save our souls from the heat, we can't really write ballads about it. 

The Lime and Mint followed suit. Strangely thick with strong hints of mint, this too made us extremely happy. However, the one we got wasn't particularly cold so we weren't as overjoyed by it.

Here we have the Cream Cookies (Rs. 650). If you've ever dunked an Oreo into milk before eating it, you know what it's like to drink this. Not too sweet and definitely milky, it's perfect as a mix of dessert and drink. 


In terms of service, there's literally nothing we can complain about. They weren't particularly friendly, but still managed to get our food within ten minutes while having a packed room. Seriously, what more do you need?


Well, we're totally impressed. The food was fantastic, the ambience was great and it left us feeling like a happy bunch of balloons when we were done with our meal. 


Layn Baan Cross Streat, Galle Fort, Galle


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