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The Platter

No:3, Iswari Road, Colombo 06

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Located down Havelock Road, The Platter is a brand new, super cute bakery if you are looking for a small yet peaceful place to hang out with a friend or two or even just to grab a snack on your way to work.

*Relocated to Iswari Road.
A month back, The Platter was just a snack bar where you can grab a quick bite on your way to work, but now it's all grown up to a proper cafe with an extended menu. From Sri Lankan, American to Middle Eastern fare, their menu has a good variety, and our experience was better than we expected. 

Food & Drinks

To start off, we ordered up a plate of Hummus (Rs. 340). I have to be honest - when I ordered this, I had no high expectations about it. But boy was I wrong! 

This is definitely one of the best Hummus dishes I've gulped down, and probably a close second to our favorite at Arabian Knights. Super smooth in terms of texture and absolutely flavorsome, it had a generous amount of olive oil blended in, which made for a succulent starter. 

The Platter bakes their own bread, and this hummus went really well with the Khubz bread they served alongside. Chewy and soft, the bread was excellently prepared, and you get two of them - so there's plenty to fill you up. I won't mind having this as a main tbh. 
Packed with a few cubes of roast beef, bits of onions, lettuce and tomato slices, the Roast Beef Sandwich (Rs. 350) was quite alright. The bread was nicely toasted and had a good crisp to bite, but the filling and the bread didn't quite blend well. It was a bit drier than we expected, and not the moistest composition. 

The Chocolate Pancakes (Rs. 390) was a stack of five fluffy pancakes topped off with a good drizzle of chocolate sauce. Golden brown on both sides, the pancakes were well executed, and it's a plateful of happiness that gives your money's worth. 

*Pictured above: Hot Chocolate (left), Cappuccino (right)

We couldn't quite catch the name of the coffee brand that they use in their coffee based drinks, but however, it's an Arabic coffee brand. The Cappuccino (Rs. 440 for Regular) had a good caffeine kick to it, and hints of caramel seeping through, just how we asked for it. Anyway, it could've been a lot better if the milk was a little bit thicker and velvety in texture. 

The Hot Chocolate (Rs. 430 for Large) was a bit of a let down. It was more on the milky side, and not very chocolatey. The drizzle of chocolate syrup on top surely contributed to the chocolate factor of the drink, but other than that, there was nothing much to go on. 

Service & Ambience

It's a cozy cafe with a bunch of white colored wooden chairs and tables, neatly arranged on a vinyl floor. The service was a bit slow, probably because we were the first customers there on a Sunday morning, but the staff was quite friendly and happy to help.


Go here if you're around Havelock Road, you won't be disappointed. Aside from minor issues we encountered in their drinks and the sandwich, everything else was satisfactory, especially for that price. Make sure you get a portion of that delicious Hummus while you're there. 


No:3, Iswari Road, Colombo 06



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