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The Regent Cafe

No. 171, Kynsey Road, Borella, Colombo 8.

A greatly underrated place serving some of the best lamprais we have had. Highly recommend you check it out!

I have been passing this place since my school days, but never stepped in. Big mistake. The funny thing is, the reason we decided to cover this because we were out for a late lunch and most of the restaurants were closed by then as the lunch hours were over. Well, everything happens for a reason.

It's located right at the beginning of Kynsey Road on your right. They do have a small space for parking but better not take the chance as it's at the junction and it's always congested.

The Food

You can find their menu on Facebook and on their website, but essentially they serve rice dishes, burgers, wraps and sandwiches, fried dishes and pasta.

The Chicken Lamprais (Rs. 500) was to die for! It was so good that I actually went the next day to try it again. The rice especially was delicious enough that you can eat it on its own. There was chicken, boiled egg, vambatu moju (brinjal pahe), ash plantain, a cutlet, seeni sambol and chili paste. Now that is not the authentic version of a lamprais but that hardly matters because it was amazing. Everything was seasoned well and the spiciness was on point. We highly recommend this!

The Carbonara (Rs. 700) was pretty good. The sauce was incredibly thick and creamy. The carbonara was well cooked and there was a lot of chicken bacon (Ed Note : aka an abomination), mushrooms and black olives mixed in. It wasn't Dolce great, but certainly well above average. If you're craving some pasta, this is a really good choice.

The Brownie Sundae (Rs. 450) sadly fell short. The texture of the brownie was a little off and it was like biting into a refrigerated cake. The portion size was massive though, had it been gooier and more chocolatey, we would have definitely finished that. 

The Drinks

They have the usual coffees, teas, milkshakes as well as mocktails.

The Regent Mocha (Rs. 450) was refreshing, delicious and very chocolatey. The mild coffee taste reduced the sweetness of the chocolate. The only problem, there was an unusual amount of foam at the base of the mocha which took up almost a quarter of the glass which could have been easily avoided.

The Blue Ocean Punch (Rs. 300) Vishvi got was decent. It is perfect on a hot sunny day with a great lemonade fizz going on.

Service and Ambiance

Their service was excellent. There were a few wait staff around and they were all well-versed and accommodating. Our food did not take long to arrive and they didn't hover around until we needed them.

The place might look very small from the outside, but it has enough tables to accommodate at least 5-6 groups of people. The chairs are comfortable and the booths are even better. They've also got couches near the entrance so you can enjoy a mid-day pick me up as well.


I cannot recommend that lamprais enough. We loved this place and suffice to say, we'd be going back soon. Well, I already did.


Chicken lamprais. FTW!


No. 171, Kynsey Road, Borella, Colombo 8.


It's right at the beginning of Kynsey Road on your right.


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