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The Sandwich Factory (Colombo 3)

10, Palm Grove, Colombo 3

Sandwich Factory does a filling take on western diner favorites.

I was having one of those days so I decided to throw on some faded blue rolled up jeans with a white tee (typical American teenager outfit) with my Ray-Bans and dropped by The Sandwich Factory to experience them American diner vibes.

Ambience and Service

If you’ve ever watched Riverdale or any other television show that hosts an urban, American set, then perhaps you’d realize that typical diner atmosphere.

 The Sandwich Factory definitely has captured the essence of it (minus the outfits of the waiters and waitresses). I loved the booths set up for seating and the counter shaped like the front of a Volkswagen Type 2.

While the seating was aesthetically appealing with the plush blue leather seats, they weren’t as comfortable to sit on. Also while many aspects such as the music from the 80s added to the overall TSF experience, I hated the fact that there were too many flies.
If you’re also not in the mood to sit inside, well look no further because through a rather old and dirty plastic curtain lies an outdoor seating area. 

The Food

Their Chicken Chilli Cheese Fries (Rs. 470) clearly did not impress me with its bland chicken topping, although the fries were crispy and had a bite to them. The dish was not served hot and the chicken itself lacked flavour. While there is much room for improvement, serving the dish hot could be a start.

On the other hand, The Barmy Wrap (Rs. 590 ) was one of the best wraps I’ve had in a while! With its well marinated chunky chicken slices and a generous pouring of a delicious BBQ sauce,  it definitely encouraged me to stuff my face further. Besides the wrap not being too doughy, another plus point was the fact that they served some thick fries on the side too. 

When I initially saw the ‘Hunter Beef Burger (Rs. 580) on the menu, I was like ‘hell yeah I want to try that!’ since I thought I’d be blessed with a smoked beef patty.
Instead I was served a dish with some beef jerky tossed in mustard sauce, laid in between two big burger buns. It was very dry and while that wasn’t a major concern of mine, I thought that at least the mustard sauce may soften it but it just strayed further and further away from the smokey flavour of the beef. 

The Drinks

The Cookie Shake (Rs. 410) at TSF is quite renowned for its crunchy texture and I must admit that the drink delivered. Together with a perfect ratio of crunchiness of the powder to smoothness of the chocolate ice cream, the drink was ideal for carbo-loading or simply just dining like you don’t care about healthy choices anymore.


I'd definitely drop by TSF again for a quick bite and a drink but I'd advise anyone that would like to retain their love for this place, to avoid their Chilli Cheese Fries. 


Make sure to play one of your favourite 80s classics or any other old song on their digital-jukebox shaped machine for that added diner experience.

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10, Palm Grove, Colombo 3


It's the road adjacent to the WSO2 building on Duplication Road.



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Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1000

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Burgers Sandwiches



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spot on with the ambience. Food is not worth the money




spot on with the ambience. Food is not worth the money




They did serve good food before, but the standards are not being maintained consistently.




Standards have dropped drastically since they opened in Wijayrama Mw



Food Colombo

What a disappointment. The first time I tried this place and definitely the last. I ordered a falafel wrap with extra mushrooms and guacamole home delivery. The wrap was not only completely bland and dry, it contained 2 tiny shreds of lettuce and 2 microscopic cubes of tomatoes. What was supposed to be a yogurt dip was basically non-existent. The extras I had ordered came in the tiniest containers I have ever seen, one teaspoon of guacamole and mushrooms. I have actually never encountered such stinginess in any Sri Lankan restaurant before!

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