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The Stage Cafe

245/2A Kandy road, Kirillawala

Beautiful interior and just it!




It's a place I can guarantee that you can take your family to dine with…
The most fresh and tastiest food ever…
But if you r looking for common Chinese food made with msd
and the kottu taste that you have experienced from a night kadee…this is not the place for u…
This place serves you real fresh food made with natural taste and full of goodness…
From all kinds of seafood to many meat types you will taste the freshness with every bite you take…where as most other places you get that taste of the seafood or meat stuff that feels like have been recooked…
If you happen to take your next trip on the Kandy road, don't think twice to stop by this beautiful place with the most delicious food full of freshness!!
My Tip…try everything!!

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