The Sugar Shack

20 De Fonseka Rd, Colombo 005

The Sugar Shack now has its own place for you to go get cake from.

Sugar Shack isn't new to the dessert/cake scene in Colombo. They've actually been here for a while. The last time we checked up on them was almost 6 years ago, and back then, it was just a home baker. Now they've got a cute dessert bar down Fonseka Road. 

The Ambience

The ambience at Sugar Shack is actually quite lovely. Essentially a mix of Pinterest boards with a bit of a tea party at Barbie's house, bright lights, and rustic in all the right places and impossibly comfortable seating, we loved it. Plus, they have a bunch of board games on the side if you're bored. 

The Cakes

We went with a slice of Choc Chip Fudge (Rs.450), a Peach and Cream Cupcake (Rs. 200) and a Kit Kat Cupcake (Rs. 200). 

This is the slice of Choc Chip Fudge. A giant slice of cake topped with 2 kinds of icing. As you can probably tell from the picture, they're far from stingy with their chocolate chips. But, we found the combination of both giant chocolate chips and walls of chocolate icing to be a tad too much. Yeah, we know, there's no such thing as too much chocolate. But, the icing was quite sweet which tended to overpower the chocolate. Nonetheless, if you're into lots of sugar and generous amounts of chocolate, we suggest going with this. 

*Pictured above - Peach and Cream (left) and Kit Kat Cupcake (right)

These two beauts are the Peach and Cream and the Kit Kat Cupcake.

Let me tell you about the Kit Kat Cupcake, first. There wasn't enough chocolate involved, so it's more or less like a super sweet buttercream icing with slight hints of chocolate. Plus, maybe it had been out for a long time - the cake was a little dry as well. 

The Peach and Cream, on the other hand, was our absolute favourite in the division of the cake. With a wonderfully dense cake with bits of peach embedded in, and deliciously sweet icing holding everything together, it was superb. The slight sourness of the peach combined with the sweetness made it even better. We'd definitely recommend it.


Unfortunately, they didn't have their Homemade Ginger Beer on that particular day. So, we decided to go with the Emerald Dragon (Rs.250) and a Tinkiri Coffee (Rs.250).

Blessed with a generous dollop of condensed milk and enough coffee to keep you on your toes, the Tinkiri Coffee was great. With light hints of slightly bitter signs of caffeine and the super thick condensed milk, this is ideal for when you're looking for an equivalent of dessert, but in the form of liquid. Do you feel me? 

The Emerald Dragon turned out to a friendly little pot of mint green tea. Fierce in every way it could be, this was our absolute favourite part about our visit. 

We know what you're thinking. It's green tea. It's impossible to get wrong. But here's the deal. It's actually very easy to mess up a good green tea. This had the perfect amount of tea to keep things perfect from start to the absolute last drop. Boosting enough mint to make you feel refreshing, this was a stellar pot of green tea and to be honest, we would go back just for this. We'd definitely recommend getting this on the side of your peach and cream cupcake. 


The service at Sugar Shack was yet another aspect we were very happy with. Quite helpful in every way, the staff was lovely from the start right up to the part when we left.


To conclude everything; we liked Sugar Shack. While we do think that the icing could use a little less sugar, we absolutely loved our drinks. Do try them out if you are around.


The chocolate fudge with nougat is very rich and heavy on the chocolate - so if you like your sugar, that's the one to go for.


20 De Fonseka Rd, Colombo 005


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