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The Sweet Tooth (CLOSED)

Charlemont Road, Colombo 6

The Sweet Tooth or TST, is a small home baker that specializes in jars full of baked goods. We tried a bunch of different jars (along with some other stuff) and they were all pretty great.

The Sweet Tooth or TST, is a small home baker that specializes in jars full of baked goods. We tried a bunch of different jars (along with some other stuff) and they were all pretty great.

The Bakes


In our quest for home bakers, we've unearthed some real gems. The Sweet Tooth is yet another one. We're not sure who came up with the idea of stuffing sweets into jars, but we think it's a brilliant. TST offers a whole range of jars like rocky road, black forest and brownies and berries priced between Rs. 250 - Rs. 350. The ingredients are very high quality and the portion is more than enough for one person, so it's definitely worthwhile. Besides the jars she also does cheesecakes, cupcakes, and brownies priced between Rs. 600 - Rs. 900 for a pack of six.

The scarlet jar (Rs. 250) is essentially a layered red velvet cake with whipped cream and a cream cheese topping. This was one of our favourites, with a well baked red velvet and a high quality thick cream cheese frosting. It's topped with praline so with each spoonful you get a multitude of textures which work brilliantly together.


The rocky road (Rs. 350) was also a winner. Think brownies, almonds, chocolate ganache, topped with roasted mini marshamallows. What we loved was that the flavour of each element was distinct. If you like gooey brownies you'll especially love this one because of the roasted marshmallows.


Next up was the ever popular berry and brownie jar (Rs. 300). This is a tried and tested dessert combination that works just as well inside a jar. What can we say, other than you can't go wrong with layers of brownies, strawberries and cream.


The lime marlo (Rs. 350) is a layered dessert with whipped cream on top, lime flavoured marshmallow in the middle and a fruit jelly base. This is a cold dessert so you can keep it in the fridge and enjoy it on a hot day. This isn't for everyone, but marshmallow fans will like this.


To finish off the sugar rush we tried the mini chocolate cheesecake (Rs. 850 for 6). These were excellent as well, so we know that TST isn't a one trick pony. This is more of an explosion of chocolate than a cheesecake, but we have no complaints about that. It's chocolate cheesecake with a chocolate cookie base, topped with rich chocolate ganache and a strawberry slice. Need we say more?

Update: Since our initial review TST has added a three new flavours, so we gladly gave them a try. The new flavours are the Rainbow jar, Dark temptation and the Mint chocolate chip. Each of them were pretty great, with the dark temptation being a solid choice for chocolate lovers. The standout of the three was the rainbow jar, with it's moist cake and somewhat unorthodox, but very clever vanilla custard topping.


Since TST is a home baker, they don't have a dine-in outlet, so make sure to call them at least a day in advance and place your orders. They usually bake twice or thrice per week, depending on the orders. Follow them on Facebook to find out which flavours they've got planned for the week.

Apart from weekly orders, they also do custom orders for more than 10 jars and party orders for more than 25 jars, but make sure to call them up early since those would take time.


Home bakers in general are pretty awesome, and TST is no exception. If you haven't tried jar based goodies yet, The Sweet Tooth is a great place to start.


You can follow them on Instagram at


Charlemont Road, Colombo 6


TST will let you know the address and directions when you place the order.


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Between Rs. 200 - Rs. 500


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