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The Verandah (Zylan Luxury Villa)

115 Rosmead Place, Colombo 07

The newest addition to Zylan Luxury Villa.

Tucked away in a serene spot amidst all the concrete paraphernalia down Rosmead Place, The Verandah is a new resto adjoining the ever so beautiful Zylan Luxury Villa.


The menu here isn't extensive like the one at their Zen Japanese Restaurant, but covers a bunch of veg, seafood, chicken, and beef-centric dishes. Their breakfast spread is available only until 11.30 AM. 

We started off with a plate of Cheese Toast. At Rs. 550, you get six half slices of bread, which are well-toasted, and dripping with cheese. The sprinkle of green chilis and chilli flakes give the spicy kick that our Lankan palates crave for. Definitely a good side/starter to have your meal with. Featured here is the Spicy Grilled Chicken (Rs. 890). Served with a cup of well-seasoned couscous, this one also had a side of pan-fried spinach and mushroom.  

The chicken fillet was nicely grilled, had a firm exterior, but not so much from the inside. We'd prefer if it had a bit more seasoning to it, but still, it was paired well with the rest of the elements on the plate. The sweet corn bits mixed in the couscous were a delight. 

Out of the dishes we tried, this had to be our favourite - the Spicy Prawn Pasta (950). A plate of perfectly cooked penne pasta, immersed in a warm, chock full of white sauce, it had around six chewy jumbo prawns. The handful of chilli flakes nicely seeped through the sauce and did a good job amping up the whole flavour.

This warm, gooey mess of a Fudge Brownie (Rs. 550) topped off with a scoop of vanilla ice cream was the perfect way to end our meal. Absolutely chocolatey, it was a clumsy hunk of fudgy goodness. Let your friend have a bite too, it's a massive piece. 


*Pictured above: Pink Virgin Mojito and Lime Juice

The Verandah offers a range of juices, mocktails and coffee. It was an insanely hot day, which is why we decided to skip the coffee and settle for a couple of cold drinks - Pink Virgin Mojito (Rs. 480) and Lime Juice (Rs. 280). 

Both of the drinks were good, but we were instantly drawn to the Pink Virgin Mojito. Aside from the usual soda, lime combination, this one had watermelon juice too, adding a bit of sweet kick to the overall flavour. They had gone really easy on the sugar of the Lime Juice, which gets our resounding approval. Refreshing and very limey, it had the perfect balance between water and lime.

Service & Ambience

If I'm correct, what you see here is the space dedicated to the Zen Japanese Restaurant which resides on the 2nd floor of the hotel. The Verandah Cafe is supposed to be downstairs at their verandah, but it was a bit crowded on the day we visited, which is probably why we were guided to the upstairs by the staff. 

Nevertheless, we quite enjoyed dining at this rooftop establishment. Surrounded by the greenery, there is something so calm and peaceful about it. Plus, they allow you to order from the Zen's menu too, if you feel like having some Japanese fare. 

The staff here is well-versed, accommodating and inviting. Our food and drinks took around 20 minutes to arrive.


Delicious food paired with tasteful ambience and affordable prices, The Verandah is a wonderful addition to the cafe scene in Colombo 07. It's worth a visit if you are looking for a meal in a relaxing setting. 

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115 Rosmead Place, Colombo 07


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Price Range

Between Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1500

Dish Types

Beef Chicken Burgers Coffee Fruit Juice

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