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The Waffle Cafe

901 Kotte Road, Ethul Kotte

Probably the only place in Colombo which serves up authentic Belgian Waffles.

A welcome new addition, The Waffle Cafe serves up legitimately good and actually fluffy Belgian waffles. They serve Brussels Waffles and Liege Waffles with a twist, and the options of savoury and sweet. We (obviously) tried both.

Savoury Belgians

The menu items are intriguing: Lady Cluck, Gini Kukula and Yakka's Sausage under the 'Chicken' option. There's a brief description under each name, so you know what these actually mean — Yakka's Sausage could be an innuendo, but in reality it's nothing half as exciting: devilled chicken sausage served with seeni sambol. Nothing demonic about that.

Vishvi opted for Buono Balls ('Italian flavoured meatballs cooked in tomatoes and herbs.') at Rs. 750. The waffles were on point, just like what you'd get overseas and would be hard pressed to find here (none of the waffles I've eaten here are half as good, even the regular pancakey ones served in all our cafes). The meatballs in sauce were alright, and there was a generous amount of it with about 7 meatballs garnished with parmesan.

The Buono Balls paled in comparison to The Quack, ('mock duck cooked in fiery chilli sauce), which was incredibly spicy. I loved it. Despite being an ardent non-veg, I took one for the team. If I'm being completely honest, I also took it because I've never tried mock duck before and was craving something that would burn my taste-buds off, and at Rs.700, this dish took care of both. This is quite a successful meat substitute — definitely trumps soya meat at least as far as appearances go — plus was delicious to boot.

Sweet Liege

Liege waffles aren't the fluffy, light ones you're generally used to — these are definitely denser and crispier, rather a bit like a cookie in terms of texture, I guess. The closest thing I can compare it to is a stroopwafel. We got a portion topped with Lemon Cream (Rs. 520) and another topped with Caramel Fudge (Rs. 560).

These were a tad too dry and extremely dense for our liking, and each mouthful was a bit difficult to chomp through. I felt like a lot more sauce could've been used to top the Caramel Fudge (pictured above) and add a bit more flavour, because the density of the waffle overpowered the syrup.

Meanwhile, our other waffle was swimming in creamy custard; which was more custardy than lemony in taste.

We had this with a tall glass of lime juice (Rs. 300) and Latte (Rs. 300). The juice was alright, but the latte lacked steamed milk.

It was basically an espresso with a good layer of crema, and when we double-checked with the kitchen to see if there was a mix-up, they said there wasn't.

Space and Service

Neat, spacious, and with some good music playing lightly in the background, the place is quite nice. It's been open just over a week or so, but they're running pretty smoothly. The staff are super pleasant and friendly, as is the manager. We learnt that it's the same person who owns BeWAXed as well. The dining area seems slightly bare despite the photos hanging on their walls, and would seem a lot warmer if there were more custom touches added on. Other than that, it's quite lovely.

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901 Kotte Road, Ethul Kotte


It's on the same road as Rama's Teahouse, except a bit further up.



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Open until 10:00 PM


Sri Lankan Fusion European

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Between Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1500

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Absulate disgusting service, under staffed, takes an age to deliver. Make sure you leave atleast 40 mins plus for you to receive your food.




Absulate disgusting service, under staffed, takes an age to deliver. Make sure you leave atleast 40 mins plus for you to receive your food.

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