The Wild Wok

No 124, S. De. S Jayasinghe Mawatha, Kohuwala, Nugegoda

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A great option for make your own noodle and rice bowl in Nugegoda

Ever since they opened shop, The Wild Wok has been a pretty popular place here in Nugegoda. We've heard a bunch of good things about it so we decided to see how it actually is. 

So here's how it went.

The Wild Wok 

When one hears the term 'wild wok', it's very doubtful that you'd expect what it actually is. Ideally, you'd see some sort of wild animal in a rather dingy restaurant. Reality is far from expectation. In a very good way. 

Presenting, The Wild Wok.

Looks rather civilized, doesn't it? You should see the inside. It's all pale wooden furniture and little-potted plants in this resto. 

See what we mean! Anywho, what we're trying to say with all this is that The Wild Wok is a beautiful little eatery with soft jazzy music and quirky lightbulbs in the middle of the day. 

The Food 

Here's where things get exceptionally good. They've got a bunch of noodles and rice dishes, and you have the authority to create your own bowl.

Ordering a meal here involves 5 steps.

1. Choose your protein (beef, chicken, calamari, prawn etc.)

2. Get to the base (noodles, rice)

3. Pick the veggies

4. Select the sauce

5. Pick the toppings as the finishing touch.

We started off with a bowl of egg noodles with calamari, mushroom and baby corn in a spicy sauce and green chillies as the topping (Rs. 440). If you're into a lot of heat, we suggest going with this. Packed with a whole load of chopped up calamari and a bunch of veggies, this was a dream come true. The calamari was extremely well marinated, chewy and not at all rubbery. Oozing out with the spicy sauce, the noodles were cooked adequately, and the spicy factor of the whole bowl was doubled by the handful of green chillies that had put on it. 

We're not even exaggerating about how good this is. In fact, we ordered another bowl of it to go as well. 

Moving on to the Fried Rice with Chicken, broccoli and, mushrooms in a traditional Thai sauce with a bullseye as a topping (Rs. 390). This wasn't very spicy. Actually, for a Lankan palate it wasn't spicy at all. Nevertheless, we can't really complain. It had a load of chicken littered around and was plentiful with broccoli and mushroom bits.

The biggest plus point is, it wasn't oily like most other fried rice you get around Colombo. But seriously, get the spicy noodle bowl, if rice is not your thang. 


Their drinks menu was limited to a few drinks - coffee, tea, falooda, king coconut and lime.

Smothered by approximately an inch of foam, the Cappucino (Rs. 300) we ordered was milky and not very strong. As you can see, they gave a whole load of sugar packets with the coffee which really helps if you like your coffee to have loads of sugar.


As for service, we can't really complain. The staff was super nice. They were very helpful in terms of helping us with our choices and our food was brought in around 10 - 15 minutes. 


Overall, we really liked our experience at The Wild Wok. From food and ambience to quick service and hefty portion sizes, everything was excellent. We recommend!


Get the Spicy Noodle thing. It's good.


No 124, S. De. S Jayasinghe Mawatha, Kohuwala, Nugegoda