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Thorana Lounge (Hilton) RIP

The Hilton, Fort, Colombo 1

Thorana lounge is Hilton's coffee place and hang out area. They've got a good spot by the pond where you can watch the ducks waddle around. Their food is expensive and the drinks were pretty average.

Thorana Lounge is Hilton's coffee place and hang out area. They've got a good spot by the pond where you can watch the ducks waddle around. Their food is expensive and the drinks were pretty average.

Food & Drinks

This is spot is actually by the folks at Dilmah, but Thorana wasn't quite as impressive as their t-Lounge on Chatham Street. They've got their signature tea menu with a cup of tea ranging between Rs. 250 - Rs. 400, depending on what you go for. Besides the basic teas they've also got t-cocktails (starting at Rs. 550) much like the ones you find at the t-lounge, which are basically cocktails with different varieties of tea infusions. The food menu is limited to the likes of burgers, sandwiches and some healthier salad options priced between Rs. 800 - Rs. 1300, which is expensive and didn't look all that appetizing on the menu. We were after lunch so we didn't order any savory dishes, we did however try out their dessert options which happen to be the stuff you get at Fine Things (Hilton's pastry shop).


Their blueberry cheese cake (Rs. 380) was a bit different from what you generally get since it was missing the biscuit base. When it came to taste though, it fared pretty well with the high quality cream cheese helping the cause. That being said we would have liked it if there was a bit more topping and a biscuit base would have added more texture.


We also tried the rose blanc (Rs. 320), which is a vanilla layer cake with cherries. This can be a hit or a miss depending on whether or not you like cherries. I'm not a huge fan of cherries but they actually worked well as a part of the cake. The problem here was that the cake was cold so it was pretty dry.
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For drinks we ordered the mint ice tea (Rs. 260) which was pretty good and not too overly minty. We also tried out a vanilla milkshake (Rs. 460). It tasted fine but Rs. 460 is pretty much the most we've ever paid for a vanilla milkshake.


When the waiter came to take our order I asked him if I could get an ice caramel macchiato, to which he said yes. However, when he brought the drinks to the table what I ended up getting was a warm macchiato (sans the caramel as well). I would have been okay with it had the macchiato tasted good, but even that wasn't the case with only a very mild taste of coffee coming through.

Service & Ambience


So it goes without saying that we weren't exactly happy with the service, with them getting an order wrong. We would have probably have let it slide at a smaller place but you can't really afford to make that kind of error at a hotel like Hilton, where you charge customers both taxes and service charge on top of the already somewhat high priced menu. Besides that mistake, the waiters were polite, but clearly need to pay more attention to what exactly the customer orders.


One thing they've got right is the location. They've got some really comfy seats where you can relax, with some pretty good live piano music to boot. The most entertaining part though, is watching the ducks and black swans swim around the pond.


Thorana lounge at Hilton is an expensive way to pass the time. Stick to their tea based beverages and get a seat next to the pond where you can watch the ducks.


You can get anything from Fine Things at Thorana Lounge, even if it isn't on the menu.


The Hilton, Fort, Colombo 1


Past the Galle Face green, turn right to Lotus Rd at the Kingsbury Roundabout. Going passed Galadari Hotel, Thorana Lounge is at Hilton.



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Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1000

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