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Tori House

7 Siebel Avenue, Colombo 05

Tori House is a quaint little cafe and store down Siebel Avenue. They've got some super home-ware, which we love.

Tori House is a quaint new cafe and store down Seibel Ave. They serve meals throughout the day, while also stocking up on coffee, eclairs, and cupcakes. We dropped in for lunch.

Food and Service

The food's quite reasonably priced with nearly everything under Rs. 600. You get salads, soups, mains, and desserts. The dessert items on the menu doesn't include the baked goodies that are on display on the counter though, so check those out as well.

Our starter was a Grilled Chicken Salad (Rs. 580) which came with a pretty solid vinaigrette.

Presentation was simple and clean, with fresh and crunchy vegetables piled neatly on the rest of the plate. The chicken was grilled nicely too, but I personally think it could've been a bit more moist.

At Rs. 350, our Sweetcorn Chicken Soup was worth every penny. It didn't skimp on the ingredients and had plenty of both chicken and corn. Veering away from the traditional and slightly bland chicken corn soup you generally get, this had an undercurrent of ginger which added a nice tang to it.

They have a Lunch and Dinner menu section as well as a Tori Cafe Specials section, and we ordered mains off each of that. Our Chillie Chicken with Nuts (Rs.550) was off the former, and featured a dish of red hot chicken tossed in nuts.

It was super flavoursome, not as spicy as you'd expect and not all too heaty either, so you won't be gasping for breath. One thing though, it doesn't come with any carbs so this is technically just a dish full of chicken. Despite this, my friend was very happy with it and pointed out that there was a generous amount of cashews mixed in with the meat.

The only disappointing thing we had was off the Cafe Specials, the Fish and Chips.

It comes at Rs 425 a portion, and features slightly grilled slices of fish with a side of regular french fries. Fish and Chips ideally are batterfried and boneless to boot, and these were neither. There were quite a lot of tiny bones in nearly every mouthful, and it was annoying to say the least. Plus french fries. Meh.

Friendly and efficient staff, they're nice and chatty when you speak to them. They also answer all the questions you have about the products in the store (which are pretty awesome).

The Store

From plush toys to imported little kitchen accessories, stationery, bedlinen, and mittens, Tori's is a great place to get unique gifts for a good friend or for yourself.

The stuff are of really good quality, with the ornaments not being the light, plasticy stuff painted over you'd see elsewhere, but are quite solid and made of ceramic and such.


The dining area is a rather small space but quite cozy and doesn't seem too crowded.

We were the only people there on a Sunday afternoon, so it's nice and secluded if you don't want to be bothered by too much noise or people. It's good to catch up with an old friend or get some work done if you're alone.


We like Tori's House, and we like their store section even better. The food is reasonably priced and has value for money (except the fish and chips), but their homeware section stands out. It's a welcome addition to Colombo's home decor field. 


They have mason jars for sale!

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7 Siebel Avenue, Colombo 05


Drive along the Colombo-Batti Highway passing the Kirulapone Police Station and find Siebel Avenue onto your left. Tori's is a few metres in, also on your left.



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Between Rs. 200 - Rs. 1000

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Chicken Fish And Chips Cakes

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