Tropical Yum

102/2 Kitulwatta Rd, Colombo 08

A 100%, home-grown brunch spot in Borella, serving up some fantastic Continental and Lankan treats.

Tropical Yum is a fully home-grown weekend venture in Borella, solely dedicated to crafting up an exceptional brunch experience with Continental and Lankan treats, and much more. 

Food & Drinks

It's a carefully curated spread. From the usuals like egg benedict to Sri Lankan specialities to taco bowls and waffles, there's something for everyone. Plus, almost all the dishes on the menu have a vegetarian alternative. How thoughtful!

The Big Breakfast (Rs. 1890) was an assortment of two pork (or chicken) sausages, bacon, eggs cooked to your preference (we got them poached), toast, butter, baked beans, two halves of grilled tomatoes, sauteed mushroom and spinach.

It's one filling meal, and we're happy with its quality. The eggs were poached excellently, with beautifully runny yolk pouring out, while the sauteed mushroom and spinach had a creamy touch to it. Accompanying the Big Breakfast, there was the complimentary Tinkiri Tea. They have a few other tea and coffee options too. Infused with a dash of kahata, this fully Sri Lankan tea was a good ending to our fully Western breakfast. The Kalupol Pork and Pol Roti Combo (Rs. 1225) swept us off our feet. Featuring four freshly made pol rotis, butter, a generous helping of kalupol pork curry and lunu miris, this is a breakfast that any Lankan would dream of.

Lavished with kalupol curry powder, other spices, goraka (Malabar tamarind) and karapincha (curry leaves), the pork curry had a heavenly aroma that left us craving for more. A good mix of meaty and oily bits was spotted here. They were well tendered up, succulent, and had absorbed the all the curry goodness in the rich gravy it came with.

They do some dynamite lunu miris, made with some finely grounded dried red chillies and a splash of lime.  

Mind you, this dish is not for the faint-hearted. It's packed with heat in the best way possible, but also not that of a big deal as we Lankans are firebreathers. Nonetheless, if you wish to kick it down a notch, slather up some butter on the pol rotis.

On the sweet side, we tried the Chocolicious Waffle (Rs. 950). A serving of two fluffy waffles, a heap of chocolate syrup, and chopped up nuts, everything came together for a solid sweet experience.

Tropical Yum does a really good Dalgona Coffee (Rs. 570). The coffee content was creamy as hell, and the sweetness of the milk was on point. Make sure to stir everything up well before drinking. 

Ambience & Service

It's all so vibrant here. Nestled over the backyard of the house, it's surrounded with lush greenery and bright, colourfully painted walls decorated with massive, beautiful paintings.

Incredibly homely, super relaxing and with some good music on the background, the ambience has a unique charm, and certainly improves the dining experience. 

The service comes with a lot of smiles and friendly, welcoming vibes. They make sure that you get the best out of your visit, by helping out with recommendations, and checking on you a couple of times for feedback. 


With fantastic food, great drinks, absolutely gorgeous ambience and warm hospitality, Tropical Yum is a superb lazy weekend choice. Our experience here was nothing short of amazing, and we're sure that yours would be too. Make sure to check them out next weekend!


102/2 Kitulwatta Rd, Colombo 08


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