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Ultimate Fitness

Olympic House, 2nd Floor, 100/9F, Independence Avenue.

A new gym with a variety of facilities to ensure you don't put off your summer body for next summer (again).

Ultimate Fitness, a gym inside the Olympic House, opened earlier this year and has remained somewhat under the radar since. While relatively small, the gym has a huge variety of equipment and looks super professional while not being too intimidating. This place is perfect for both beginners and more experienced gym-goers, and I strongly suggest you take advantage of the free trial and go try it out yourself.

Equipment & Ambience

The sheer range of equipment at Ultimate Fitness is super impressive. All the equipment looks shiny and new, and is very well maintained. The treadmills and bikes are pretty fancy and had more buttons than I knew what to do with, but the trainers are happy to help you out with these.

I was really impressed with the hygiene of the place - the changing rooms were spotless, as was the gym itself. There are little towels on each treadmill for you to use, plus you can ask for mats, should you need them. Surprisingly for a relatively small gym with ample equipment, there was quite a bit of space to move around, so it was far from cramped.


The trainers were very helpful and quick to correct your form or help you out. They're also great at showing you how to use the machinery, and making sure you stretch before and after your workout.

There's a bunch of boxing gloves and pads available at the gym as well, and if you ask someone, the trainers are happy to help you out with some boxing combinations and techniques, as well as footwork and kicks.


I highly recommend Ultimate Fitness - the location is super central and the gym itself is professional without being intimidating. It's also super clean and there's a lot of natural light, which makes the space seem bigger. There's two TVs on opposite corners of the gym, and the music isn't very loud, so take some headphones along with you.

Please contact them for details about monthly membership, discounts, and prices of classes.


Your first time at the gym is free, so go have a trial run if you can't decide on membership!


Olympic House, 2nd Floor, 100/9F, Independence Avenue.


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