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Urban Eatery (Street Rush)

Street RUSH, 293, Galle Road, Mount Lavinia

Located in Street Rush Mount Lavinia, Urban Eatery pulls off some great Western-style food.

Urban Eatery is a new addition to the growing Street Rush food court in Mount Lavinia. They are located right next to FryDay.

As we gathered, Urban Eatery makes all their food in-house to reach a higher standard in terms of quality and execution - which is something that's not very common scenario in food courts. And it's also the reason me and my colleague decided to go all the way to Mount Lavinia on a hectic weekday. 


The spread here includes a few mains, and a couple of snacks like sandwiches and soups. For a restaurant in a food court, the options they offer seem quite elegant, which we appreciate. Also, we were told they are experimenting with new stuff, so they can expand the menu. 

The Homemade Creamy Chicken Pasta (Rs. 800) was a plateful of tagliatelle cooked al dente, and soaked in a deliciously creamy white sauce. The sauce was rich in flavour and had delightfully chewy bits of mushroom and well-boiled chicken mixed in.

Topped off with a generous serving of aged parmesan cheese that sharpens up the flavour and some chopped parsley that added both colour and a bit of leafiness to the meal, this one was brilliant. To kick it up a notch, they had slipped in a sprinkle of pepper in it. Even the pasta here is homemade, and not store-bought, which is a rare thing to see, especially from a food-court style restaurant.

We were pleasantly surprised by the delightful presentation, flavours, as well as the quality of the Traditional English Fish & Chips (Rs. 900). There was a serving of fish, hand-cut chips, a tub of sauce and a side of salad.

The fish came enveloped in a light, crispy batter with a beautiful golden-brown colour. A tad oily for our liking, but we didn’t mind. Perfectly cooked, almost creamy yet flakes off to chunks so beautifully, this is one well-executed serving of Fish & Chips.

Every bite of it was better than the last, and the tartar sauce and ketchup on the side helped to give a mild-tang, which went well with the fish.

Nicely crisped, the hand-cut fries were something we got easily hooked on. Perfectly cooked and seasoned just right with salt, it made a great partner to the fried fish. Since they’ve left the skin on, it added a joyful crunch to the texture. The Smoked Fish Sandwich (Rs. 380) was another delight to dig into. Served with the helpings of hand-cut fries and coleslaw, the bread here was beautifully brown and gave off a bit of crunch while being soft inside. The filling was made from smoked fish as promised, featured bits of capsicum which contributed a subtle spiciness, while the lettuce added for a good crunch. 


They serve a few mocktails, but unfortunately, almost all of them were not available during our time here. Because of that, we settled for two glasses of Cooling Drive (Rs. 300).

Rich with bits of cucumber, catching a whiff of this drink alone was a treat. Having passion fruit and lemonade mixed in with the cucumber, it resulted in an invigorating burst of fruity goodness. The cucumber carried a clean and refreshing feeling while the passion fruit added sweetness and depth to the flavour.

On top of this, the fizzy lemonade gave character to the drink making it fun and enjoyable. We also appreciate how they've included the pulp of passion fruit, which helped to keep the natural flavours intact. It was a bit too much for me, as  I don't prefer pulp in my juices, but I heard no complaints from my lunch partner. 

Ambience & Service

Behind the counter was an enthusiastic and polite fellow that made us feel good just by talking to him. We were always treated with a smile while he explained about the things on the menu with passion. He even came up to us to ask for feedback or if we have any complaints or recommendations. 

Street Rush is still a bit new to the scene where you have your not-so-usual food court setting with more than enough seating. We found no issue here as the place was clean and it didn’t give us any trouble. But we can see the place getting busy fast which might take away the peaceful part from the dining experience. This is to be expected, we guess.


Urban Eatery gave us a bunch of flavoursome, quality dishes which we enjoyed very much. It's a very easy recommendation for anyone to grab a superb meal, especially if you're around Mount Lavinia area. 

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