168/1A Sri Gnanendra Mawatha, Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte

A cloud kitchen that serves up Pakistani and Desi fusion flavours.

Vally's in Nawala is a cloud kitchen focused on creating Pakistani and Desi flavours. In fact, they're a relative of the ever so popular Chana's

How To Order

Vally's delivers through Uber Eats, and you can also opt for pickup and direct delivery. In the latter option, you can simply arrange a Uber Connect/ PickMe Flash to get your food delivered. 

The Food

Our package from Vally's included a massive feast full of biriyani, a couple of appetisers, tandoori chicken, curries, rotis and dessert. 

*Pictured above: Chicken Samosa, Shami Kebab (Beef)

We started off with a bite from the Chicken Samosa. Oh, what a delight that first bite was! So perfectly shaped, absolutely crunchy and packed with meat and spices! Definitely one of the best samosas we've had in the city.

The Beef Shami Kebabs followed suit. Well-grounded beef, seasoned to high heaven with spices, herbs and gram flour, and then fried to have a little crisp.

Vally's Pakistani Chicken Biriyani is available in full sawans (serves 8) and half sawans (serves 4). We got the latter, and it was perfectly enough to feed 5 hungry adults.

Fluffy, fragrant, high-quality long grain basmati rice, infused with generous amounts of spices and herbs, it was one flavourful biriyani. We quite enjoyed the addition of potatoes here. Potatoes have this wonderful habit of absorbing all the flavour in the medium that it's cooked in, and in this case, Vally's has used it to their advantage so well. 

There were plenty of chicken pieces to go around. The spices, herbs and flavours of the meat, have worked together to create a lot of taste. We enjoyed everything with a dollop of raita and mint chutney.

All thanks to perfect marination, and the right touch from the grill, these chunks of tandoori chicken were smoky as hell, juicy and delicious.

Next up, we have the curries. The Beef Karahi had a beautifully thick, gooey, beefy gravy. With hints of ginger, garlic, masala and tomatoes seeping through, it was spicy, but also had a subtle tang. Soaking up all that goodness, the meat tasted great too. 

*Pictured above: Koila Chicken (right) and Mutton Handi (left)

This picture doesn't do justice to how good these curries were. The Koila Chicken was spicy and carried a good dose of smokiness, while the Mutton Handi had well-cooked, robust chunks of meat dipped in a gorgeously red, flavourful gravy. Vally's sent us some warm, freshly made parathas and chapatis to scoop up these curries.

Drizzled with creamy dahi sauce, the Memon Desi Kebab had a strong presence of herbs and seasoning mixed in well with minced beef. Quite rich, quite good!

Milky, spongy and plentiful with pistachios, almonds and cashews, this Ras malai was popping with cardamom kicks. The perfect sweet ending to our meal.


Vally's does some excellent Pakistani flavours and offers them in generous portions. They're reasonably priced, which is another plus point. 


168/1A Sri Gnanendra Mawatha, Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte