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Waffely by Lava

12, Stanley Thilakarathne Mawatha, Nugegoda

They sell waffles at surprisingly cheap prices!

Waffely sells good waffles for surprisingly cheap prices, despite their questionable spelling.


The first thing we noticed when we browsed through the menu was that everything was priced below Rs.400. The mainly serve crepes and waffles, but they also do rice, sandwiches, and milkshakes. We opted for a Chicken and Cheese Waffle (Rs. 220), a Nutella and Strawberry Waffle (Rs. 200), and a Sausage Crepe (Rs.170).

The chicken waffle was quite underwhelming. While the waffle was soft and fluffy, the chicken drizzled on top was dry and unusually salty. Also, there was no cheese in it, so we were quite disappointed. 

We loved the Nutella and strawberry waffle. Chocolate and strawberries are generally a good match so we were very happy with it. We would've liked more Nutella, but for  Rs. 200, this was pretty great, Also, the whipped cream was delicious. It was just a garnish but it was amazing.

The crepes were probably our favourite out of the three dishes we tried. It was filled with sausages and sautéed onions. We would've really liked more of the filling, but we're not complaining. 

To top it off we ordered a Strawberry Milkshake (Rs. 220). Sadly there was nothing spectacular about it. Just bland strawberry milk with strawberry ice cream. 

Service and Ambiance

Covered in orange paint, wooden furniture, and dim lights- Waffley is actually a cozy place to go hang out. There isn't a lot of space, it can seat around 15 people. The staff was friendly and service was swift. 


We didn't have the best time but we still recommend it. They have fresh crepes and waffles for very reasonable prices, and that's always a plus point in our books.


12, Stanley Thilakarathne Mawatha, Nugegoda



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