215 Havelock Rd, Colombo 00500

A small food joint in an unsuspecting place, serving some memorable waffles.

*Available for delivery only. 

If done right, waffles are one of the best comfy foods. It’s something that you can have every day, and not get tired of it. Almost every cafe in Colombo serves waffles, but not everyone does it right, so imagine how glad we were to find a place that’s dedicated just for them.

So on a late afternoon, we decided to drop by Waffling, a tiny spot down Havelock Road, that whips up some great waffles.

Food & Drinks

Savoury and sweet, they offer a good variety of waffles with interesting toppings to satisfy every mood and some special treats like ice cream and popsicles.  

We chose the Unicorn (Rs 480) as we needed something delicious and colourful, and it delivered. With a scoop of vanilla ice cream garnished with colourful sprinkles and some chocolate sauce underneath, it was a pretty plate.

It had just the right amount of crispiness on the outside, lightly firm and cooked well on the inside without being a rubbery mess. Tender to the bite, and not at all doughy, its sweetness was spot on. In fact, all the sweetness it has comes from the drizzle of chocolate sauce on top, and you can even adjust it as you like, with the ice cream.

A generous slathering of kochchi jam, sauteed onions, cheese and herbs, sandwiched in between the same good waffles, The Kochi Cheefles (Rs. 500) was a delight. While a cheesehead might ask for some more cheese, the adequate cheesiness contributed by the mozzarella helped to keep the moisture of the spread, while adding a hint of milkiness to the whole thing. Making good use of that excellent kochchi jam on the side would certainly elevate its flavours. Adding a bit of sweetness and then a deliciously spicy undertone, it left us wanting more.

According to the owner of the restaurant, this jam is done by one of the home bakers. She’d be happy to provide you with more jam on your waffles if that’s what your heart craves. We felt like we can eat 10 of these but a quick calculation told us that while our tummy would be happy, or wallet might not be.

Our Freak Shake (Rs.500) was essentially a chocolate milkshake, served with a brownie on the top of a mason jar alongside a half an Oreo, fresh strawberry, candy and a good drizzle of chocolate sauce and whipped cream. The milkshake itself might not be the most chocolatey one you’ve tried, but taking a bite out the brownie and then a sip from the shake should do the trick. 

Service and Ambience

While not having a lot of space, they can comfortably hold about 8 - 10 people at a time. The interior does not have a lot going on, except for the cute, little boards on the wall that talk about how waffling is one of the best things in life.

Friendly, prompt and accommodating, we received some excellent service from the lady behind the counter. 


Waffles are common, but it's not every day that we find a good place to enjoy waffles made with the right texture and flavour, so this is like a dream come true. Drop by, and get your waffle cravings satisfied!


215 Havelock Rd, Colombo 00500


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Between Rs. 200 - Rs. 1000

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Ice Cream Waffles

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