The Canteen

Independence Walk, Colombo 7

  • This place has closed down

Formerly known as Walkers Cafe, The Canteen hasn't changed much at all but their hoppers are excellent.

If you've ever found yourself gasping for air, trying to catch your breath after running a mile at the Independence Square and desperate to pee/buy a bottle of water, then you've definitely come across (formerly named Walker's Cafe) The Canteen.
I was told that they've completely re-vamped their whole look, etc but when we got there it was literally the EXACT same little kade it was before, only with a different name board.

Food & Drinks

They serve generic short-eats such as Rolls, Veg Rotties, Patties etc, but the gent at the counter very graciously told us that the short-eats were on display for the entire day and that we should try the fresher food instead. Thanks, uncle!

The main and only reason I wanted to go there was because of the hoppers. I've heard so many stories about how good their hoppers are etc etc, and at first I was sceptical but when I actually tried them I was pleasantly surprised.
The plain hoppers (Rs.60 in total for four) were light and crispy without an overload of that horrible P.O.P, flour stuff in the middle. 

The egg hoppers though (Rs. 160 in total for four) had a generous helping of egg, the yolk was a beautiful yellow and it was seasoned incredibly well with salt and pepper. 
They were served with a little dish of chilli-sauce for dipping although it tasted more like an unintentional salsa.

We ordered a Watermelon Juice (Rs. 120) and it was every bit as fresh at it was delicious. If you're thirsty after a jog I highly recommend this as it's a wonderful accompaniment to sweat and breathlessness.

Service & Ambience

The service was very quick since their hoppers were basically freshly made and ready for order. The cool uncle at the counter even tells you whether the item you ordered is fresh or not. Thumbs up for the honesty.

The place hasn't changed at all, still the same old dodgy counter, the cooler with all the ice creams in it, the little glass display containing candy etc are all present and accounted for. The outdoor seating has been arranged in such a way that it's not over-crowded, which is wonderful. Of course, the bathrooms are horrendous and there's a couple of sinks that you can wash your hands at that probably harbour 50,000,000 different types of bacteria but oh well.
Also funnily enough the area near the sink has a bunch of flashing lights like the kind of lights you get at a 70's discotheque so I have no idea what that was all about. Possibly a mini-dance floor.
They've strung up fairy lights all over and makes it look very 'Stranger Things' and at night when it's all lit up, it's quite beautiful. The area in itself is actually quiet after traffic hours, so it's a nice place to chill out at.


I would definitely recommend this place if not for the hoppers (which are stellar) then for the ambience. Great for a cheap, chilled out evening with friends.


Go there after 4 PM when it's cool and the hoppers are available.
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The Canteen is basically Walker's Cafe with a different name (literally). Perfect for a post-Independence Square jog.

If you're at Independence Square, then there's a nice little place called Walkers' Cafe to eat at, down the long pathway between the square pools and the back road.

If you're in <a href="http://www.yamu.lk/place/independence-square/" title="Independence Square">Independence Square</a> this is the place to go, ie, the only place. Down the long Independence Walk there's a small cafe which serves the basic stuff, Fanta, Coke, short eats. Literally your usually kade, just in the middle of the park. It's nothing special but nothing bad either, and it's in the middle of a lovely space.

”කැන්ටිම” අඩු මිලට බඩ පිරෙන්න කන්න පුළුවන් තැනක් කියල තමයි අපිට තේරුණේ

නිදහස් චතුරස්‍රයට ආවිට යන්න තැන මෙන්න. ඇත්තෙන්ම එතැන විතරයි තිබෙන්නේත්. නිදහස් සක්මන් මළුවේ පහළ තිබෙනවා ෆැන්ටා, කොකා කෝලා, කෙටිකෑම වැනි මූලික දේ තිබෙන කුඩා ආපනශාලාවක්. උද්‍යානය මැද පිහිටි සාමාන්‍ය කඩයක් වන මෙහි විශේෂ හොඳක් හෝ නරකක් නැහැ.


Independence Walk, Colombo 7


Walk straight down the path from the fountains.

This place has closed down

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