The Canteen

Independence Walk, Colombo 7

  • This place has closed down

Formerly known as Walkers Cafe, The Canteen hasn't changed much at all but their hoppers are excellent.

2 The walkway to Independence Square

If you're at Independence Square, then there's a nice little place called Walkers' Cafe to eat at, down the long pathway between the square pools and the back road.

Just find the yellow board that's totally obscured by trees.

Service & Ambiance


The place is a cool outdoors spot for lunch and is popular among the University campus kids (next door), the white collar crowd and folks just chilling out at Independence Square in the evening. It's basically a bath/aappa kadey, except with a nice green outdoorsy space. The staff is really friendly, and they'll let you take things out of their drinks and popsicle fridges, trusting you'll note it when you go to the cashier. You can enjoy an eclectic playlist of songs while you eat here, between baila and Boney M.




Before 4 PM, they only have rice packets -- when I went over for lunch, they just had fish and vegetarian rice, though that may have been because the chicken ones were over. The fish rice packet, for Rs. 130, was really tasty and filling, with really good parippu, fish, papadam, vegetables and manjokka. I got a Milo for Rs. 40 to wash it down. The best stuff at Walker's Cafe, though, is after 4 PM - when they have hoppers. Their superb egg hoppers with some dynamite lunumiris is a great meal if you're ever in the neighborhood.


They also have shape-eke good short-eats (maalu paan, egg bun and the rest) for about Rs. 30 each.


Also cheap and yummy lollipops, chocolates and a fridge full of popsicles for a hot Colombo day.


Walkers' Cafe's manager-kitty is friendly and will often wander around and say hi to customers or sleep behind a plant, depending on the weather.


This spot at Independence Square is great for hoppers or even to chill out and have a soft drink and bun if you're in the neighborhood.



Go there after 4 PM when it's cool and the hoppers are available.
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The Canteen is basically Walker's Cafe with a different name (literally). Perfect for a post-Independence Square jog.

If you're at Independence Square, then there's a nice little place called Walkers' Cafe to eat at, down the long pathway between the square pools and the back road.

If you're in <a href="http://www.yamu.lk/place/independence-square/" title="Independence Square">Independence Square</a> this is the place to go, ie, the only place. Down the long Independence Walk there's a small cafe which serves the basic stuff, Fanta, Coke, short eats. Literally your usually kade, just in the middle of the park. It's nothing special but nothing bad either, and it's in the middle of a lovely space.

”කැන්ටිම” අඩු මිලට බඩ පිරෙන්න කන්න පුළුවන් තැනක් කියල තමයි අපිට තේරුණේ

නිදහස් චතුරස්‍රයට ආවිට යන්න තැන මෙන්න. ඇත්තෙන්ම එතැන විතරයි තිබෙන්නේත්. නිදහස් සක්මන් මළුවේ පහළ තිබෙනවා ෆැන්ටා, කොකා කෝලා, කෙටිකෑම වැනි මූලික දේ තිබෙන කුඩා ආපනශාලාවක්. උද්‍යානය මැද පිහිටි සාමාන්‍ය කඩයක් වන මෙහි විශේෂ හොඳක් හෝ නරකක් නැහැ.


Independence Walk, Colombo 7


Walk straight down the path from the fountains.

This place has closed down

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