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We Ai Family

Union Place, Colombo 2.

An authentic Chinese restaurant serving huge portions of rice and noodles.



Resident Alien

We Ai Family is as authentic Chinese as it gets, despite the hackneyed use of the word by the Yamu staff in all their reviews (seriously guys, find another word). This place serves good old-fashioned Canton cuisine that you can find in a typical Chinatown eatery. If you're looking for your standard Srilankan-Chinese fare (Chinese Dragon Cafe, Flower Drum etc.), look elsewhere. You won't find the usual sauce-laden devilled dishes which somehow all manage to taste the same. Just simply hearty fare like noodle soup, wontons, egg rice etc.

The wall menu is completely in Chinese, but not to worry they have a bilingual menu complete with photos of each dish. The staff is all Chinese save for a Srilankan waiter. The Chinese cashier with a friendly face who took our order didn't speak much English but was patient and able to understand what we wanted. The proprietress was all smiles which is refreshing to see in an eating establishment.

Sad to say we didn't see a single adventurous local enter the place. The place does get crowded quickly and is clearly a favorite with the Chinese community. Put it down to the deep-seated xenophobic nature of us Srilankans. In case you're wondering, the place is BYOB. They don't have a liquor license yet although they sometimes serve lager likely bought from the nearby wine store. Our waiter wasn't too clear on this.

First to arrive were the fried spring rolls(Rs 500). What we got were five perfectly cooked rolls of a decent size served with tomato sauce for dipping.
Next, we had the Wonton Soup (Rs 500) which was a clear, briny broth with a dozen small pork dumplings garnished with coriander leaves. Our final dish was the Seafood Chinese Noodle (Rs 950); a huge bowl filled with plenty of spaghetti and tomatoes in hot soup but not much else. The lack of seafood (three prawns and a few bits of cuttlefish) was eyebrow-raising, to say the least. Flavourwise it was spot on though.

Turn the menu over for the drinks section. Along with fresh fruit juices, there were tea and coffee options available too. They'll bring your order from the bakery/juice-bar next door. We ordered a Green Apple Juice (Rs 400) which literally took only a few minutes to make. Forget the food, the juices are the real winner here. Hands down the best fresh apple juice I have ever had. Roots - take notes.

Worth a second visit, if only to try ordering off the Chinese menu. Have fun stabbing awkwardly at your food with chopsticks. We were given forks as well, but the chopsticks and soup spoon combo is the real way to go. Prices are somewhat reasonable, especially considering their central Colombo 7 location, plus all dishes were inclusive of taxes and service charges which was nice. We didn't opt for dessert as we stuffed. Although the little cakes next door did look appealing. They also deliver through UberEats.

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Union Place, Colombo 2.


It's next to Miniso on Union Place, on your right at the roundabout.


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Price Range

Between Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1500

Dish Types

Rice Noodles Waffles

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