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Café 80 by Wheelys

100, Jawatte Road, Colombo 5

Wheelys is now called Cafe 80 by Wheelys. It's been a while since they moved to a better location down Independence Avenue, and aside from handmade coffee, Wheelys now serve lunch and dinner.

You may have come across Wheelys earlier this year at the Book Fair, Hippie Market or down a random Colombo street. Now the nomadic café has settled down in a hipster garden on Jawatte Road. 

The Coffee

We went for coffee as it's their speciality but note that these guys also serve lunch and dinner (BBQ chicken and beef mostly).

I happily spotted the promising foam of the Small Cappuccino (Rs. 440) poking out of the cup from meters away. A closer look at it showed a lot of bubbles, which is not what I wanted to see. The foam is more spongy than creamy and the actual drink underneath too watery. I like my cap - foam and body - velvety.

Texture apart, the taste and the coffee/milk ratio was good.

The slogan on their coffee cups applies to the drink as well.

Speaking about the cup, for a café proudly promoting itself as eco-friendly and displaying the zero waste principles at the entrance gate, it's a pity that they're serving drinks in disposable cups. 

The Vibe

Wheelys meets all criteria to belong to the Colombo hipster scene. 

1) Latte and French Press Coffee appear on the Menu.
2) The wood pallet furniture and ornament seem to be out of a Pinterest post.
3) The staff look super hip with their tattoos and body piercing.

But don't worry, no funky moustaches, vintage denim jackets or buttoned-up plaid shirts are required. The crowd was actually a pleasant mix of more or less hipster (less to be honest) locals and expats from 7 to 50 years old on the day we visited the place.

And the service, in addition of being efficient, is warm and friendly. The waitress came for a nice little chitchat once we were done with our brews. It's always nice to feel acknowledged.

In case you're running short of conversation with your crew or if you came alone and are done with your introspection, there are books on each table covering topics ranging from feng shui, deadly animals to insults. You should be able to find something to your taste.


It's an ideal place to have a chat about the latest additions to your veggie patch or the latest repairs you've done on your fixie over a decent cup of coffee. But it's also cool to come with your cousins to discuss mainstream music and blockbusters. 


100, Jawatte Road, Colombo 5


Opposite Java Lounge on Jawatte Road


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