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Wing Spot

123 & 127 Vinayalankara MawathaColombo, Sri Lanka

A new place nestled at The Food Station specially dedicated to making chicken wing platters. Whether its an answer to people's prayers or not, this place does have an intriguing variety of sauces for you to try out along with a range of appetisers like garlic bread and veggie sticks.

Wing Spot is a decent place to chill and have shisha and wings, if you're lucky enough to find it open. Seriously, we tried multiple times before we could get this review.

The Wings

The Mango Nai Wings (Rs. 375), however, were a win, but take the name as a warning. Nai Miris is a killer chili and I was sweating and panting excessively afterwards! The sauce was drippy, sticky and had a good balance between the spice of and a subtle mango essence flavour.

First, here's the Thai Dye (Rs. 375). Although the six chicken wings were smothered with a good looking and thick gravy, this was not exactly what we expected from the name. Thai cuisine is associated with a kick of spice and that characteristic lemongrass-y after taste. It would have been a killer dish if the sauce was tad bit more spicy.

As for the Garlic Parm Wings (Rs. 375), the sauce was too cheesy which compromised the texture of the chicken. The six chicken wings were succulent, well-fried and slid right off the bones, but again I thought the dish was a bit let down by the sauce.

The Sides

The Garlic Bread (Rs. 200) is a good side dish to cleanse your palette in between. It’s an interesting take on traditional garlic bread with more cheese.

Service and Ambience

This is basically a food stall run by a few people, not a dedicated restaurant. As such, their opening hours are unreliable. We recommend calling them before you go, because they're a high chance they'll open later than the stated 1 PM.

The perk is that, if they are open, they stay open late - till about 10 PM. Good for the munchies.

The Food station’s atmosphere was covered in the Kottu & Co review and while the surroundings are the same, I must admit that I liked the fact that I could try out the sauces before hand by dipping some fries at the counter.

Final Thoughts

All the sauces weren't the best ever, but the wings are generally tasty and Food Station is a chill place to hange out with friends. A little tweaking here and there and we could see ourselves coming back often.


Pick a sauce, then a side dish and drink, and you can have yourself a wing meal for less than Rs.700! And better yet, if you call and check before going (which is necessary with this place) there may be good promotions such as a wing portion being available for Rs.300!


123 & 127 Vinayalankara MawathaColombo, Sri Lanka


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This place has closed down


Pub Food American Fast Food

Price Range

Between Rs. 200 - Rs. 500

Dish Types

BBQ Chicken

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