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Yala National Park Safari

Kirinda - Palatupana Road, Yala

Yala is Sri Lanka's wildlife central, and thousands of people flock the National Park every year for a chance to spot wildlife, especially the elusive Lankan leopard.




Found the leopards at 9.30 near their waters basin. Dojnd few Elephabts and more of the deers and Bulls with Wild Bows and Please travel in the morning and get the driver make use of the journey.

Get hold of someone before you enter the main yala road where you could find it for 4500rs (Jeep with Maximum 6-7 People) + 1000rs (Entrance)

Food is available at a reasonable price as well.

Looks like a way to go for a worthy shot.

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Open 6.00AM - 9.00AM & 3.00PM - 6.00PM

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