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Yum Yum Fine Foods

200 Park Rd, Colombo 05

Yum Yum does a huge range of imported nuts and candies. Everything from dried kiwis to marshmallows to almonds to nachos.

*Relocated to Park Road.

This bright shop is bursting with imported nuts, candies, mashmallows, baking supplies and more. Whether you're a home cook or just like snacking, it's a delightful shop.

Yum Yum just moved to Bambalapitiya from Dehiwala, which is great because it's walking distance from office. So yum.

The Food

There are two categories of thing here:

1. Nuts

First, nuts. In Colombo you can get easily cashew nuts and almonds and peanuts (for a price), but at Yum Yum they have every nut possible, from every corner of the word. In the end we bought pecans (Rs. 612 / 100g) from Australia and walnuts (Rs. 357 / 100g) from Romania but along the way the owner insisted that we sample peanuts (I passed), corn nuts, honeyed almonds, and honeyed cashews. And that was only scratching the surface.

There are more nuts that you can shake a very long stick at, most in the Rs. 400 per 100g price range. Despite peanuts long-standing attempts to assasinate me, I love nuts and find them to be an excellent gift. There's a huge range here which is a delight if you're into it.

If you prefer snorting your nuts, they have ground varieties (Rs. 400+), which I presume are also for use in cooking and baking. They also have pastes for Rs. 900+. 

If you're already getting bored and thinking about candy, they have plenty of candied nuts for about Rs. 450 per 100g. Almonds, hazelnuts, all obscured by chocolate and sugar you heathens.

2. Dried Fruit

Before we get into candy, let's explore nature's candy - fruit. Yum Yum has the largest selection of dried fruit outside of a hidden warren in Pettah.
Dried kiwis, figs, mangos, apricots, tomatoes (also a fruit), pomelos, papaya, seemingly every kind of fruit is on display, much of it imported from Thailand. So you don't need to go to King Power for dried mangos anymore.

3. Candy

Finally, candy. They have lots and lots of candy. Like jelly beans (Rs. 290 / 100g). Why anyone eats jelly beans is beyond me, but they have a quote from US President Ronald Reagan on why he recommends them. 
Also, whatever these are. OK, I'm sorry. Aside from sour candy (which they have a lot of) I'm not really into candy. They do have everything from Hello Kitty lollipops to regular swirly lollipops to stevia-sweetened chocolate bars to sweet candy to sour candy and back.

Also marshmallows, and macarons, and - on the savory side - nachos and cheese.

The Service And Location

The place just moved and right now the owner seems to be there, talking to everyone and insisting that you sample at least a fraction of the nuts and stuff that they have on offer, which is nice. Everything is handled, weighed, labeled and packaged professionally.

The location itself is well lit, very clean and beautiful. Whereas the Nut Shop at the top of Dickman's Road is basically just nuts in a jar, Yum Yum is much more professional, and has a much wider range. The place is spacious, convenient (Galle Road ftw), and has wide opening hours (10:00 AM to 8:30 PM, 7:30 PM on Sundays).


This was a nice shop to have in Dehiwala, but it's much nicer to have in the city. You can easily drop Rs. 1,500 getting three or four items, but they're very high quality items and just so much fun to browse. Dried pomelo, who knew?

Whether you like dried fruit or nuts or candy, Yum Yum is like being a kid in, well, a shop exactly like this. It's bright and full of wonderful things to eat and we're very glad it's in Bamba.


They moved here from Dehiwala.


200 Park Rd, Colombo 05


On Galle Road, Yum Yum is just before Majestic City (on the opposite side), near Amrithaa's and Majestic Electric.



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