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Yumi Cake

16, Flower Road, Colombo 03

Yumi Cake is a cute little restaurant that serves awesome desserts - chocolate fudge lovers, this is your haven.

We've already reviewed Yumi Cake for their delicious home baked sweet-tooth concoctions, but this time we tried out their 'healthy menu'. It's not often that you go to a place that has 'cake' in its name for healthy eating, but surprisingly, Yumi has a few genuinely healthy options, like salads, organic milk, and sugar-free gluten-free stuff. 

The Salad

Yumi does just one salad - grilled chicken tostado, and it's massive. I literally could not eat anything more after finishing this, it's basically a proper rice & curry equivalent in the salad world. 

For Rs. 500, it includes plenty of chopped-up iceberg lettuce, red beans, chicken, sweet corn, sour cream, large corn chips, and some other stuff. It's filling, and definitely not just a starter - pretty much a hefty healthy breakfast. I would have preferred the lettuce larger and crunchier but overall, it's a tasty, flavoursome dish. 

Drinks & Sides

They've also got certified-healthy/organic products for sale, mostly imported from Australia, like cous cous, pancake mix, cartons of organic milk (Rs. 990), sugar free cookies, and these granola-style gluten free bars. We tried the bars - it's got some corn flakes, bran syrup and almond in it, so there's a nice subtle sweetness. At Rs. 200 each (a box of them is Rs. 1200), it's rather pricey considering its size, but two will do the job nicely if you're feeling like a mid-day snack and want to avoid getting a fast-food burger. 

Yumi Cake maalu paan (Rs. 130) is awesome - so good that they're almost all gone by noon time. These are 'kurakkan maalu paan' actually, so they're healthier than otherwise, and you don't really get a bad kurakkan taste or anything. They're stuffed to the brim with maalu and potatoes, as opposed to the stingily-filled ones in many of our kades. They also do kurakkan brownies, and normal brownies that are gluten-free, in the Rs. 200 range. Also, carrot cake, which is like a dessert with an identity crisis, but it's probably slightly healthier than fudge cake. 

Also worth mentioning is this gigantic frappe I got, made out of organic milk (Rs. 380). So you can get tea, cappuccino or frappe - hot or cold - made from organic or soy milk. You can get it in different flavours like hazelnut or chocolate, or just skip that if you want it healthier. 

The Eclair

Yes, we were supposed to visit Yumi to try out their healthy menu, but we couldn't resist the label that said 'nutella eclairs'. It was pretty awesome, so we thought it deserved its own section. The pastry is harder as opposed to the soft fluffy type of Tasty's eclairs , it's a fat, sugary one for Rs. 260, and the awesome part is it is oozing with loads of chocolate nutella-flavoured cream. 


In case you missed our last review, check out the gallery for pictures of Yumi Cake's cute white-washed interior. It's a lovely small space, with usually 1:1 interaction with the waiters, and a soothing view of the ocean on Marine Drive. Better to go by yourself or early morning though - if there are more than three customers, the place feels rather crowded. 


Yumi Cake isn't your conventional healthy food place. Even if you're eating salad, there's plenty of fudgey cakes and eclairs right there next to you, staring at you till you cave in. Still, we're super glad that it's one of the handful of cafes in Colombo that actually has  genuinely healthy options, few as they may be. They make a very filling, tasty salad dish, their maalu paan is great, and it's one place besides Good Market , Saaraketha and Sahan Agro , to stop at and buy a few organic products. 


They also have a 'Guilt Free' range of gluten free/ sugar free brownies, and some healthy savouries.


16, Flower Road, Colombo 03


Yumi is at the end of Flower Road, on the same building as Choco Luv. It's near House of Wines.


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