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Yummy Goodness

Delivery only

Yummy Goodies is a home cook specialised in handcrafted, artisan, bottled goodies like jam, marmalade, chutney and pickle.

Yummy Goodies is a home cook specialised in handcrafted, artisan, bottled goodies - jam, marmalade, chutney and pickle, which you can get delivered to your doorstep.

The Yummy Goodies

Unfortunately, most of these yummy goodies were out of stock on the day we ordered, but on a good day, they have over 30 varieties. 

We picked three - the Lime & Date Chutney (Rs. 380), Kumquat Preserve (Rs. 460) and Barbados Cherry Jam (Rs. 460). 
If you're someone who cannot handle the bold flavours of lunu dehi (like me), you're gonna love this Lime & Date Chutney. Despite being sour and zesty, this one won't make you pucker your face as the infusion of dates dials it down to create the perfect balance of flavours.

Cook some white rice and creamy dhal/potato curry, because that's all you need to make a killer meal with this one. It's great with crackers too.

This Kumquat Preserve is ideal to serve with the cheeseboard you prepare for your next wine sesh or to add a sweet and sour note to your meat-based dishes. Featuring halves of kumquat dunked in a pulp made of brown sugar, pectin and lemon, you can simply use it to slather your breakfast toast too.

A wee bit runnier in texture than we'd have liked but absolutely rich with flavour nonetheless, this Barbados Cherry Jam was a delight. Fresh Barbados cherry slow cooked in lemon, brown sugar and pectin, it was a beautiful ensemble of sweet, sour and fruity flavours.

We wish we had a plain cheesecake because this would have been a wonderful topping that enhances its flavour. You can always try it with your toast and crackers too.


It's all homegrown, natural ingredients that they use in these yummy goodies, and not a single synthetic flavour is involved, which is pretty impressive. They can certainly make your meal a tantalising affair than usual. That being said, I have my eye on the Num Num Chutney and the Star & Passion fruit Jam. Call them up (077 757 1756) if you want to snag a bottle or two.

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