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Zephyr (Arugam Bay)

Siam View Hotel, Panama Road, Arugam Bay

Zephyr is a branch of the Mirissa spot. They do quite good food and drinks here.

Zephyr is the latest beach brand to expand to Arugam Bay, in their case from Mirissa. Despite having to enter through the back of Siam View, they have a nice location and quite good food and drink.

The Location

Zephyr is literally in the Siam View garden. Unfortunately you have to enter through basically the loading bay of Siam View and when we went it smelled a bit. Once you get past that it's nice.

Once you get in there's a nice view of the beach and seating, though note that it gets well hot during the day. The shadiest spot is at the bar.

The Food And Drink

The food we got was very good. This is the chillie prawn pasta (Rs. 1000) which was a special that they. This was punchy, generous and full of flavor.

Also tried the beef salad off the menu, though I forget the price. Definitely less than Rs. 1000. Looks simple but I loved it. Fresh, acidic, refreshing and the beef didn't require a battle with my teeth.

They also do some pretty tasty cocktails, in this case a mango mojito. This was tasty with a good amount of fresh mango and mint in there. Zephyr can get pretty bumping at night and sometimes has live music, so it's not a bad place to check out in the evening.


Can't complain. The service levels in Arugam Bay are generally pretty high and it's competitive.


Zephyr was a great addition to Mirissa, and now Arugam Bay. They do generally good food and drink and have a cool vibe about them, wherever you find them.


During the day, the shadiest spot is at the bar.


Siam View Hotel, Panama Road, Arugam Bay


Zephyr is literally tucked behind Siam House near the curve of Panama Road, before Main Point. It's after Gecko.



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This place has closed down

Price Range

Between Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1500

Dish Types

Meats Seafood Pasta Beef Alcoholic



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