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As someone who is studying in the Commerce stream, with ALs coming up next year, whats the better option for post grad studies; ACCA or CIMA?

I’m pretty good at accounts, decent at BS and Econ. I’ve decided to avoid local university, and am leaning towards applying for a professional degree. Either CIMA or ACCA are my options so far. Which would you guys say is better in my situation. I’d love to hear any alternatives too. (I’m planning ok getting a student visa to Canada if that helps)

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It depends on what you like to choose as you're career. Acca mainly focuses on auditing, financial accounting . So if you like to become an auditor you can do acca. Cima focuses more on management accounting. If you're into the marketing side you have the option of cim as well.



ACCA is financial accounting. Its similar to ICA Sri Lanka. Basically the job opportunities will be in Auditing or finance (Accountant, Finance manager etc.). CIMA on the other hand is more management accounting. Lot of people do CIMA as the primary qualification and then move ahead with a MBA or another professional qualification with the exemptions. So CIMA will give you more options to pursue

One more point- CIMA you can start rightaway while you're doing ALs . But ACCA you need to wait until you're 21 (Or finish A/L or CAT)

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