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Best Auto SUV/Car for Sri Lankan roads

Hi guys,

I'm interested in buying a COMPACT auto 4WD SUV/car (something that would fit well with the small roads and parking spaces in Sri Lanka).

I would prefer a vehicle which would give me a smooth and a comfortable ride on regular tarmac roads and an effective drive when I'm off-roading or riding through potholes. It also needs to have a clear and an elevated view of the road.

My budget is under 4 million LKR for a new/reconditioned vehicle. So far, the only car that seems to fit my requirements is the Suzuki Jimny 2 Door and the Daihatsu Terios.

Please let me know what you think. I would very much appreciate your suggestions on this topic!

So to summarize, I'm looking for a car with the following requirements:-

- 4WD
- Auto Transmission
- Compact Body
- 4 Seater
- Smooth / Comfortable ride on regular roads
- Good for occasional off-roading
- A Vehicle with a Clear / Elevated View of the Road
- Under 4 million LKR
- Preferably New or Reconditioned (Used is fine too)

Thank you so much guys!
I'm looking forward to hearing your responses.


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Have you looked second hand double cabs. Repairing can be done easily as the systems are not complicated

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For that Price Range other than the vehicles you've already mentioned. Only Micro will fit. Maybe an old Vitara or Rav4.

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