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For Yamu devs

1. When clicking "recent comments" from the main menu - it's hard to click on the title of the place being commented on. I always accidentally click the actual comment and then I am taken to the list of comments. This wouldn't be so bad if the comments section actually had a link back to the review/listing of the place being commented on, but it doesn't. Sometimes I read a comment but then think "hmm… what is this place? Let's check the review" and then I have to use precision to get my finger to click on the actual name of the place hoping to click it just right and be taken to the review and not the comments thread. So, simple solution - either increase the font size or widen the gap between the name of the place and the persons comment so we can clearly click one or the other OR have a link back to the review/listing from the comments thread. This is also an issue with "recent reviews" so please fix that too.

2. When writing a comment in the app, since I tend to ramble on, my comments get quite lengthy so I might take several minutes typing it out. When I then click "post" it never actually posts - the spinner just keeps going and going. I have to select all the text, copy it, go out of that comment, come back in, paste it into the comment box and then click post. Then only it works. Basically if you don't paste a comment within 3 seconds and click post, it keeps you hanging. Really annoying that I have to copy and paste and come back into it etc all the time.

3. You guys add "Mexican" to the popular cuisines and then go on to include Taco Bell (The least Mexican) in the listing but omit "Let's Taco" which is at least more Mexican than Taco Bell. Who's passing around the alcohol at work?!!

4. How about adding the notifications number to the top right corner of the app icon?

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Thanks for pointing these out, Crusher. Really appreciate it. We'll have a look at the issues and sort them out soon. Hopefully in the next update! 😊

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you just left a QA engineer in hunger…shame on you 😀

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