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Getting stuff down from abroad

Is there a service present here to get stuff down from abroad? I need to order some items off US stores but they won't ship to Sri Lanka.

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Try kapruka global



They get down stuff from USA for reasonable rates

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I've used kapruka once and it was relatively pain free but they have very mixed reviews. Ymmv.



kapruka global is very good they deliver on promised dates, they update you along via sms from each step of you delivery plus their service charge is very reasonable i once ordered a powerbank through them from the us, their charge was 1 usd (152 LKR) pretty darn good

also they let you send a link of what you want from amazon or ebay or whatever market place and then they will reply to you with a detailed quota containing the tax charge and the shipping charge along with their charge, so this way its really helpful as you get to know in detail what you are paying and what you are paying FOR. 10/10

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