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Girls night out on Monday

Could anyone suggest a place for a group of girls to have dinner, drinks and dance. (They don't all have to be in the same place)
This is for Monday the 4th.
Thanks! :)

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In On the Green has a nice pub environment, a select crowd usually comes here and you won't be bothered, the prices are really good at Happy Hour and their range of drinks is quite good as well the trade off here would be the food the music however is amazing.
Food and Dancing, I'd recommend heading over to Dutch Hospital, they have multiple places to have food at, and if you're planning to skip in on the Green, Champs is also a good place to have drinks at and is at Dutch, for dancing I really can't recommend much other than Champs, since Shamrock was closed down but usually you'd be better off heading to a club such as disque at Race Course. They have drinks as well but they're a little pricey.

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